Monday, October 8, 2007


When my partner Mark and I first saw Demarco majors at a bar in the Oakland area in 2005, we were like.... Damn!
After seeing him at the club a few times, Demarco and I began having discussions about business and marketing and gradually developed a friendship.

I then learned that he was a former ABA professional basketball player and I was intrigued. He told me about how he was basically kicked out of the ABA based on a rumor that he was gay, one that he did not deny.

In this interview he discussed the challenges of being an out gay ex-professional basketball player and at that time (2005) his journey to the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago with his team The San Francisco Rock Dogs (they won the Gold Medal). He also shares his admiration for his disabled father.

Demarco has since moved to New York and I immediately began to receive pictures of him modeling in Fashion Week, and in fashion magazines (not porn).
He also sent me pics with him on the set of Beyonce's "Freakum Dress"video. He was one of the guys checkin' her out - if they only knew.

If you are in the fashion industry and seeking a hot model let me know. Also if you are looking for actors and would like to test him for a role, let me know.

Keep making it happen Demarco.
Much Love.


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soulbrotha said...

Where can fans contact Demarco?