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Frameline Releases Ground Breaking Film Tongues Untied

Frameline, the world's leading organization supporting LGBT films and filmmakers, announces the DVD release of "Tongues Untied," Marlon T. Riggs's controversial classic documentary chronicling the black gay male experience.

Filmed in Oakland, NYC, and San Francisco,Marlon Riggs's portrayal of homophobia and racism caused controversy during "Tongues Untied"'s original 1991 airing on PBS's P.O.V. series. The remastered DVD includes an archival interview with Riggs, newly produced interviews, deleted scenes, and closed captioning.

Clubrimshot will be hosting an official DVD release party and screening this Saturday, March 1, 2008 in Oakland.

Purchase your copy of this classic film here>>>

See clip below.

Justin Timberlake To Star In The Love Guru

See clip from Love Guru trailer staring Michael Myers.
Arrives in theaters in June.


Keyontyli (left) and Taleon Goffney: rooftop robbers?

I just got this story and noticed that one of the twins Kyontyli, is featured in the current issue of CLIK magazine.

TWINS Keyontyli and Taleon Goffney have been arrested for allegedly breaking into area businesses by cutting rooftop holes to gain entry. Turns out, they were also just as skilled at breaking into their second, more respectable careers - as hardcore gay-porn stars.
The 25-year-old Goffney twins, both of New Jersey, were arrested Feb. 19. They were charged with breaking into Moon's Beauty Shop at 9th and Washington streets in South Philadelphia and the adjoining Wings and More, using only a handsaw and ax to get in through the roofs of the establishments.
A Rite Aid at Front Street and Snyder Avenue was burglarized in a similar fashion the previous day. On Feb. 8, Taleon Goffney is alleged to have committed similar burglaries at Wawas in Nether Providence and Wallingford, Delaware County, according to police.
Chief Richard Slifer of Nether Providence said cash, cigarettes and condoms had been among the items taken.

The twins are the focus of a tristate Rooftop Burglary Task force, led by New Jersey investigators, the state where many of the 40-some rooftop burglaries have been committed over the last 18 months.

The Goffney twins are also the focus of numerous hardcore Internet gay-porn videos - some of which they star in together under the stage names Keyon and Teyon, according to several Internet sites that write about modeling and gay culture.
In "Marc and the Twins," which was distributed only online, the Goffneys are hanging out on the Las Vegas strip when they offer to audition for "Marc," a chiseled black porn star who happens to pass by.

The three take the "audition" to a seedy hotel room. Although "Marc" is the focus of the encounter, the twins can be seen rubbing each other's chests and getting cozy.
"Marc and the Twins" seems to be the most popular of the online porn films that star Taleon and Keyontyli. Their co-star in the film, Marc Williams, is a fairly big name in gay porn, according to Erik Schut, editorial director of Philadelphia-based TLA Entertainment Group.

The company's Web site,, is the nation's largest retailer of gay porn DVDs. To Schut's knowledge, the twins have not appeared in any porn films available on DVD, but he said if they had chosen to further their career in porn, "They could have been huge."
"Two incredibly beautiful black men and twins - it's unprecedented," Schut said. "Ethnic, gay models are rare."

In fact, Keyontyli, a graduate of the Barbizon School of Modeling, seems to have had legitimate gigs as a model, according to his portfolios on and He has served as a runway model for clothing companies BOIISH and Azzure, and this month, he has a seven-page spread in CLIK, a magazine for black gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.
He lists several television appearances in his portfolio, including gigs as a "seat filler" on VH1's "Save the Music," and a "Super Bowl shuffler" in a "Saturday Night Live" skit.
Taleon also has a lengthy portfolio - but his is kept by the police.
"Taleon is a bad, bad dude," one police source said.

Chief Dave Kunkel of Clementon, N.J., had no trouble recalling his department's run-in with Taleon in 2006. Officers conducting surveillance work at an apartment complex spotted Taleon running up the building's walls and turning back flips.

"The officers said, 'We're glad we're not going after him,' " Kunkel recalled. "Lo and behold, after that, he began conducting open-air, hand-to-hand drug sales."
Police arrested Taleon for possessing about a half-ounce of crack cocaine and a loaded .25-caliber automatic handgun. While handcuffed in the back of the moving car, Taleon smashed out the rear window by head-butting it, police said. He then dove through the window and its steel frame, causing $1,800 in damage, Kunkel said.
After landing on his face, Taleon rose to his feet and, while still handcuffed, fled on foot and into a nearby pond, police said.
"He swam across like Flipper, taunting the officers saying, 'You'll never catch me,' " Kunkel said.
Indeed, they didn't. Two officers were injured while chasing Taleon. A week later, he turned himself in. But he didn't return the department's handcuffs, Kunkel said.
Kunkel was unaware what sentence Taleon received in the case, but he noted that at the time of Taleon's arrest he also was facing charges in other New Jersey counties and in Delaware.
The Camden County Prosecutor's Office said it was prohibited from releasing information regarding Taleon's record or his criminal history.

Several lead investigators with the Rooftop Burglary Task Force in Pennsylvania and New Jersey declined to comment yesterday on the case, fearing that it would jeopardize their ongoing investigations.
According to a police source and online court records, the Goffney brothers are scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Philadelphia tomorrow on charges of burglary, trespassing, theft and related crimes.
According to the source, both men remain in prison. Online court records, however, indicate that Keyontyli may be free on $75,000 bail while his brother remains in prison on $150,000 bail. *


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Love B Scott Reacts To The "Two Girls In A Cup" Shit

My partner just came home and turned me on to the most discussed and most disgusting youtube posting ever entitled "Two Girls In One Cup." You can research it for yourself if you want to actually see this hot "steamy" mess. But you have to see the video reactions below, especially Love B. Scott's...HILLARIOUS!


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Don't be alarmed. More than 130 million households will get letters from the Internal Revenue Service beginning next week and the news is good.
The letters are part of an effort to ensure people do not miss out if they are eligible for a tax rebate check under the recently passed $168 billion economic aide plan.

The IRS is reminding people to file a 2007 tax return so they will receive the payment.
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said his department and the IRS would work hard to get the word out. "For the majority of Americans, all they will need to do is file a tax return," Paulson said in a statement.

He said the IRS would work with the Veterans Affairs Department, the Social Security Administration and private groups such as AARP to "reach those who do not normally file a return and ensure they know how to get their stimulus payment this year."

The letters carry the headline "Economic Stimulus Payment Notice" and begin "Dear Taxpayer." They say the IRS is pleased to inform the recipient that Congress passed and President Bush signed into law a plan that will provide payments to more than 130 million households.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said the IRS should focus "its time, energy and money" figuring out how to speed up the mailing of the checks. They are scheduled to go out starting in May.
The mailing that people will get next week tells them they may qualify for a one-time payment of up to $600 for individuals or $1,200 for a married couple filing jointly; there are additional payments of $300 for each qualifying child younger than 17.

"The IRS will figure eligibility, figure the amount and send the payment," the letter says. "This payment should not be confused with any 2007 income tax refund that is owed to you by the federal government."

The 2007 refunds will be made separately from the upcoming payments, the IRS says.
The IRS notices do not seek any financial information and will go to people who filed a tax return last year.

A separate mailing planned by the IRS for late March will go to certain recipients of Social Security and VA benefits. These benefits are generally nontaxable and recipients do not file tax returns.

In order to get a payment, people in this group will need to file a tax return if they received at least $3,000 from a combination of certain Social Security benefits, veterans benefits and earned income. The minimum payment for this group will be $300 for an individual and $600 for a couple filing jointly.

The IRS has created a sample Form 1040A with information on how to fill out the lines necessary to enable eligible people who do not normally file a tax return to receive the stimulus payment. Details on eligibility, payment amounts and requirements can be found at which is the agency's Web site.


California African American Woman Makes Political History

SACRAMENTO -- Karen Bass, the first black woman to lead either house of the state Legislature, promises to bring a cooperative spirit to meetings with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the other legislative leaders.

But the newly elected speaker of the Assembly said she's prepared to fight, too. Growing up with three older brothers taught her to stand her ground and already has helped her in the male-dominated Legislature.

Bass was elected Thursday to the position regarded as the second-most powerful in state government. As speaker, she is one of the so-called 'Big Five' - along with the governor and the three other legislative leaders of both parties - who often try to broker compromises on major policy issues.
Under Schwarzenegger's tenure, many of those meetings have convened in the smoking tent outside the governorBut the amiable Bass, 54, is a health advocate who said that if she's invited to the tent, the cigars will have to stay in their box.
"I'm going to have to make them come out of the smoking tent - 'cause that's going to make me sick," she quipped Thursday at a press conference. 's office. More on this story>>>>

Kanye West Backs Donda West Law

The death of hip hop superstar Kanye West's mother, Dr. Donda West, might not have been in vain after all.
A California Assemblywoman is seeking to pass a new law that would require patients to have medical clearance from a liscensed doctor before undergoing plastic surgery.
According to the Daily Bulletin, Yolanda Anderson, Donda West's niece, reached out to California State Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter, who introduced the "Donda West Law" on Friday, February 22.
Donda West died at a Los Angeles hospital in November 2007, a day after going under the knife for breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction.Her autopsy revealed she likely died of a pre-existing heart disease coupled with multiple postoperative factors.

According to Anderson, Kanye is supporting the cause and has offered to help in any way that he can.
“Kanye is ecstatic and very grateful,” said Anderson.
“He said, `You started this. Now run with it and let me know how I can help.”

Michael Jackson - The Case Of The Missing #2 Album

For the second week in a row, Jack Johnson's Sleep Through The Static and Michael Jackson's Thriller 25 are the top two albums in the U.S. Or are they?

They are, if you look at the Top Comprehensive Albums chart compiled by Nielsen/SoundScan. Johnson is #1 for the week with sales of 105,000 copies, trailed by Jackson with 63,000 copies. (The gap between the two is wider than it was last week, when just 14,000 copies separated them.)

But Jackson is nowhere to be found on the list of Top Current Albums that is published each week (as The Billboard 200) in Billboard magazine. The top 10 from that chart is reprinted in countless newspapers and websites around the world, including this one. The reason for the omission, as I explained last week, is that Nielsen/SoundScan and Billboard exclude catalog titles-defined as albums that are 18 months old or older-from the main chart. (Continuously running "current" hits are exempted.)

The idea is to make more room on the chart for new albums, which need every break they can get. This week, the rule resulted in 31 older albums being removed from Top Current Albums and shifted over to Top Catalog Albums. Just four of these 31 titles would have ranked in the top 100: Thriller 25, which would have ranked #2; Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' Greatest Hits, #63; Guns N' Roses' Greatest Hits, #64, and Bob Marley & the Wailers' Legend, #84.
More from source story here>>>>

Attacks Show Easygoing Jamaica Is Dire Place for Gays

MANDEVILLE, Jamaica — One night last month, Andre and some friends were finishing dinner when a mob showed up at the front gate. Yelling antigay slurs and waving machetes, sticks and knives, 15 to 20 men kicked in the front door of the home he and his friends had rented and set upon them.

“I thought I was dead,” Andre, 20, a student, recounted in a faint voice, still scared enough that he was in hiding and did not want his full name to be used.
The mob pummeled him senseless. His right hand, the one he used to shield himself from the blows, is now covered with bandages. His skull has deep cut marks and his ear was sliced in half, horizontally. Doctors managed to sew it back together and he can hear out of it again.

Being gay in Jamaica is not easy. For years, human rights groups have denounced the harassment, beating and even killing of gays here, to little avail. No official statistic has been compiled on the number of attacks. But a recent string of especially violent, high-profile assaults has brought fresh condemnation to an island otherwise known as an easygoing tourist haven.

“One time may be an isolated incident,” said Rebecca Schleifer, a researcher for Human Rights Watch who has studied the issue and regularly gets calls from the island from gays under attack. “When they happen on a repeated basis across the country, it is an urgent problem that deserves attention at the highest levels.”

Disapproval of gays is an entrenched part of island life, rooted, Jamaicans say, in the country’s Christian tradition. The Bible condemns homosexuality, they say. But critics say islanders are selective in the verses they cite, and the rage at gay sex contrasts sharply with Jamaicans’ embrace of casual sex among heterosexuals, which is considered part of the Caribbean way.

While some other Caribbean tourist destinations have made a point of marketing to gay travelers, Jamaica has notably not joined the trend.
The double standard on the island is reflected in the antigay lyrics of Jamaican dance hall music, the headlines of more hyperventilating tabloids — “homo” is the term most often used — and the fact that homosexuality remains illegal here, with the specific crime called “buggery.”

Complete story here>>>>

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The last thing that the struggling city of Detroit needs is a Mayoral sex and fraud scandal, sadly that is just what they have on their hands with Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. See the clips below.

Oakland Trade School Teaches How To Grow Pot

OAKLAND (AP) ― You know you're in a different kind of college when a teaching assistant sets five marijuana plants down in the middle of a lab and no one blinks a bloodshot eye.

Welcome to Oaksterdam University, a new trade school where higher education takes on a whole new meaning. The school prepares people for jobs in California's thriving medical marijuana industry.

For $200 and the cost of two required textbooks, students learn how to cultivate and cook with cannabis, study which strains of pot are best for certain ailments, and are instructed in the legalities of a business that is against the law in the eyes of the federal government. "My basic idea is to try to professionalize the industry and have it taken seriously as a real industry, just like beer and distilling hard alcohol," said Richard Lee, 45, an activist and pot-dispensary owner who founded the school in a downtown storefront last fall.

So far, 60 students have completed the two-day weekend course, which is sold out through May. At the end of the class, students are given a take-home test, with the highest scorer -- make that "top scorer" -- earning the title of class valedictorian. Before getting to Horticulture 101, the hands-on highlight of Oaksterdam U, the 20 budding botanists, entrepreneurs and political activists at a recent weekend session sat politely through two law lectures and a visiting professor's history talk.

In the lab, Lee measured plant food into a plastic garbage can and explained how, with common sense, upgraded electrical outlets, a fan and an air filter, students can grow pot at home for fun, health, public service -- or profit. Lee explained to his students how to prune and harvest plants, handing the clipping shears to a woman who wasn't sure how close to the stalk to cut without damaging it. He offered his thoughts on which commercial nutrient preparations are best, as well as the advantages of hydroponics, or soil-free gardening.
Complete story here>>>>


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Epitome Of Sexy

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Clintonite Stabs Obama Supporter

FEBRUARY 25--Meet Jose Antonio Ortiz. The Pennsylvania man allegedly stabbed his brother-in-law in the stomach after the pair quarreled about their respective support of Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. According to cops, Ortiz, 28, stabbed Sean Shurelds last Thursday night in the kitchen of an Upper Providence Township home. According to a criminal complaint, a copy of which you'll find here, the 41-year-old Shurelds, an Obama supporter, told Ortiz that the Illinois senator was "trashing" Clinton (apparently in regard to recent primary and caucus results).

Ortiz, a Clinton supporter, replied that "Obama was not a realist." While not exactly fighting words, the verbal political tiff led to some mutual choking and punching. And, allegedly, a stabbing in the abdomen. Ortiz, pictured in the mug shown here, was charged with a felony aggravated assault count and two misdemeanors and jailed in lieu of $20,000 bail. Shurelds was flown to Hahnemann University Hospital, where he was admitted in critical condition.
More on story here>>>>

Could this be just a preview of tonight's debate in Cleveland? (lol)


Gay Teen Dressed As Woman Shot Dead In Florida

FORT LAUDERDALE - The shooting death of a gay teenage boy who was dressed in women's clothing is being investigated as a possible hate crime, while detectives try to determine whether he was targeted because of his sexual orientation.Simmie Williams Jr., 17, was attacked on the 1000 block of Sistrunk Boulevard by two young men who wore dark clothing and might live in the neighborhood, police said. Williams, who was wearing a dress and was known in the area by his first name or as "Chris" or "Beyonce," was shot about 12:45 a.m. Friday and soon afterward died at Broward General Medical Center, police said.

It's unclear what Williams was doing in the area, about four miles from his house, but police are investigating whether he was working as a prostitute, officials said.Williams' mother said her son was openly gay, but she didn't know what he did when he went out at night, and she didn't know he wore women's clothes.

"I gave him $2 for the bus and he never came back," said Denise King, who lived with her son west of Fort Lauderdale. "He was a quiet person, kept to himself. He had a lot of friends. He wasn't a troubled child. He was a happy person."At the same time, being black, gay and dressing in women's clothing made Williams "a minority within a minority within a minority," said Grant Lynn Ford, dean of Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale, a church that ministers to gays, lesbians and their families.Sometimes people picked on Williams, but he knew how to brush it off, his mother said. Compelete story here>>>>
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Janet Jackson Week On MTV

In anticipation of the release of her new album on Thursday, Janet will be MTV's Artist of the week starting Monday February 25th where she will be featured in various commercials and promo's all week.

On Thursday one of the skits leaked that spoofs the reality series My Super Sweet 16, which documents the birthdays of wealthy – and sometimes very spoiled – teens.

In addition to the Sweet 16 spoof, Jackson has taped a series of other skits, highlighting marquee moments in MTV history(directed by Joel Schumacher).
Janet is also scheduled for two live performances on Tuesday, February 26, @ 7:00am on Good Morning America and at 3:00pm on MTV TRL.

La Vien Rose Best Actress Award Well Deserved

La Vien Rose Star Marion Catillard won the Best Actress Oscar for her performance as the ubiquitous French Cultural Icon Edith Piaf. My dear friend Matthew recommended that I see this movie a few months ago, and I am happy that I did. Loved it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Flash Back - Donna Summer

Donna Summer


On February 21-24th in Los Angeles, California, the World Pride & Power Organization will hosts its inaugural, historical conference at the Olympic Collection Conference Center in West Los Angeles and will include speakers such as Malidoma Some, Rev. Yvette Flunder, Cleo Manago. This pivotal event promises to reshape and transform the SGLBT movement as a whole, forever.

But a press release received from the Westboro Baptist Church which describes the event as a "A sordid bunch of sick, twisted creeps, unclean spirits like frogs, spirits of devils claiming to work miracles, promising a cure for AIDS which God Almighty says, whereof thou canst not be healed. Dt.28:27" vows to protest and expose the event as a conference filled with "Fag-Enablers."

The Historic World Pride & Power SGLBT Pan African Forum will feature activists, journalists and anti-racism workers dialoguing about the primary issues impacting African-Americans and effective strategies to cultivating productive responses to oppression and discrimination, Thurs. February 21, 3-5pm hosted by AmASSI & FON Institute.


Barrack Wins Wisconsin And Hawaii

Barack Obama cruised past a fading Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Wisconsin primary Tuesday night, gaining the upper hand in a Democratic presidential race for the ages.
Sen. John McCain of Arizona was projected to have won the Republican primary by a substantial margin, NBC News said, a result that moved him closer to wrapping up the party’s nomination for president.

With Hawaii, it will be Obama’s tenth straight victory over the past three weeks, and left the former first lady in desperate need of a comeback in a race she long commanded as front-runner.

More at MSNBC>>>>

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fidel Castro Steps Down

BBC News --The news that Fidel Castro is stepping down as president after almost 50 years in power came in the middle of the night, through the online edition of the official Communist party newspaper Granma.

Cuba's newly-elected parliament is due to meet for the first time this Sunday to elect a new executive council of state, whose president will become president of Cuba for a new five-year term.

Under the headline "Message from the Commander in Chief", the 81-year-old revolutionary leader wrote:
"I will not aspire to nor accept - I repeat, I will not aspire to nor accept - the post of President of the Council of State and Commander in Chief."

This effectively marks the end of an era.

Mr Castro has ruled this Caribbean island since the revolution in 1959. Most Cubans have known no other leader or system, with more than 70% of the population born after the revolution.
More at BBC News>>>>

Black State Representative Comes Out As Gay

New York Times -- State Rep. Jason Bartlett put rumors to rest Tuesday when he announced publicly that he's gay.

Bartlett, a Democrat who represents portions of Bethel, Redding and Danbury, said he has been open about his sexual orientation with relatives and decided now was the time to speak publicly.

"For me the decision came down to why not now," said Bartlett, 41, during a meeting with The News-Times Tuesday. "To me this is about having a conversation with my larger family - the people of Greater Danbury who voted for me."

The lawmaker added that while he's always tried to keep his personal life private, there have been rumors from time to time about his sexual orientation on web sites and innuendoes during prior political campaigns. Bartlett, a self-employed businessman who grew up in Redding, was first elected into office two years ago.

"I've always considered my life private," he said. "But at the same time we are also living in a digital age and I'm in the public eye. People are always interested in you and your family."

Video here

More on developing story here>>>>

Monday, February 18, 2008

Noah's Arc Announces Spin-Off Movie

The Advocate --A full-length movie based on the Logo TV show Noah's Arc has been given the green light for production, the cable network announced Thursday. Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom (working title), like the series, will revolve around four black gay friends living in Los Angeles.
The show's creator, Patrik-Ian Polk, and star Darryl Stephens announced the news to fans in a video message on and, both owned by the network. Along with Stephens, who plays the title character, the film will also star Doug Spearman, Rodney Chester, and Christian Vincent.

The plot will pick up after the second season's cliffhanger, according to the press release. Production is scheduled to begin in March, with the film slated for release in the second half of 2008. (The Advocate)

Homosexual U.S. President And What About Abraham Lincoln

James Buchanan was the 15th President of the United States and was the only "bachelor".
He was also known as America's least effective President.

For 16 years in Washington, D.C., prior to the presidency, James Buchanan lived with William Rufus King, who was later Vice President under Franklin Pierce in 1853. King was referred to by Andrew Jackson as "Miss Nancy," while Aaron V. Brown called him "Buchanan's better half." Buchanan actually wrote long, intimate letters to King.

There were many rumors at the time that Buchanan was a homosexual. He is the only president to never marry. But whether or not he was a homosexual continues to be a point of heated debate between historians.

And although Buchannan was for expanding slavery to the northern states, he was also said to have purchased slaves and sending them north to their freedom. It would be interesting to know if those slaves were all males.
Most Americans are aware that President Abraham Lincolm freed slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation. But did you know that the 52 year old presidential candidate created the Republican Party to oppose the expansion of slavery to northern states. He is also the President who made Thansgiving an enduring national holiday, and pardoned the first turkey which he named "Jack."

More interesting presidential facts on youtube piece below.

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Flash Back - Some Kind Of Lover Jody Watley

Erogenous Zones, Fetishes, Fantasies And Orgasms

This might have to be a two-part posting but....we will see.

The word fetish originally meant "charm," and it originates from the 15th century Portuguese word feitico , which means false power, object or charm.

For example, when the Portuguese explored West Africa and encountered native religions, they called whatever talisman (totems, carvings, beads) they revered a fetish.

To the Portuguese in those days, the fetishists were those who worshiped the unusual. Later on, however, the implication of the word took on a whole different meaning. First, a fetish involves the transfer of power from an original source onto a substitute. Second, a fetishist is someone who operates outside the circle of what is characteristically considered normal. Yeah right, what is normal nowadays?

The internet has exposed me to more about fetishes than I care to know about, while at the same time deepening my understanding about my own. I will discuss more about this later but right now I want to focus on male erogeonous zones.

Much has been discussed in our society about the female "G-spot" but Male Erogenous Zones and orgasms in men that don't involve ejaculation or multi-orgasmic men are rarely discussed. Most men think that sexual satisfaction comes from either being fucked or fucking, getting their penis sucked or sucking a penis.

What about the Multi-Orgasmic Man and how many of us have learned how to let go enough to experience this amazing sensation?

During my early twenties, I had my first non-ejaculating orgasm with a guy who showed me where my primary erogenous zone is. I call it my "Primary Erogenous Zone" because I have more than one, but most of us have one place that is the IT spot!

I wasn't drunk and I didn't have any drugs, however, during my sexual encounter with this giving man, I became so lightheaded that I actually thought that I really ejaculated. I did have an orgasm though. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed three orgasms that night where there was no semen and when I finally ejaculated, it didn't compare to the multiple-orgasms that I experienced without semen.

Since then, multiple-orgasms are required if I am going to have sex with a person. Fortunately for me, I have someone who is giving enough to help me get there every time.

Maybe your spot is your neck, ears, nipples, anus, penis, scalp or head,toes, tongue, back, side, navel, etc. Wherever it is, explore it!

Play with yourself or find a partner who is adventurous and open-minded enough to show you the way to multiple-orgasmic satisfaction unlike you have ever known.

Next time, I will get more into Fetishes.
Book on Multi-Orgasmic Men

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Flash Back - Children's Story Slick Rick

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Flash Back - Something In My Heart

Black Gay Character In Planned Parenthood Commercial


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Colonial Apologies It's The Aborigines Turn

The recent apology by the Australian Prime Minister for "the indignity and degradation" caused by the policies of past governments was a joke. What the Aborigines should have said is; You displaced us by taking our land, you murdered generations of our people, raped generations of our women, you enslaved us leaving us destitute....fuck the apology, give us our land back bitches!

It is bizarre how leaders throughout the ages come up with these political apology statements and tours for their government's crimes against humanity. Former president Bill Clinton apologized for Rawanda in 1994 and then entertained the idea of apologizing for slavery in 1997.

I recently read the following comment on the New York Times blog concerning presidential apologies for slavery; "I am a white American man and I don't believe that these goverments should be apologizing for something that happened hundreds of years ago. If anything, America should be apologizing to white people for not shipping blacks back to Africa right after we abolished slavery."

I am sure that the white person that posted this comment is not alone in his sentiments about governmental apologies to colonized and enslaved groups, because people like him don't see the crimes committed against these people as wrong. They believe that they did us a favor by creating a white supremacy system that keeps most of us poor, undeducated, imprisoned, drugged up, and politically disempowered.

That is why I say, if these governments really want to make a difference, apologize for the shit that they are still doing to our people today and vow to STOP!
And fuck the apology for slavery! Instead, I'll take a monetary equivalent to the money that my enslaved ancestors would have received had they not been working for free to build the foundations of today's America. Now that is an apology that I can use.

More on Aboriginal Apology here>>>>



Ever wonder what presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama would look like in the Oval Office? Well, look no further than Madame Tussauds wax museum in Washington, D.C. to catch a glimpse of what may be the nation's political future. While "Hail to the Chief" played in the background, a wax figure of Illinois senator, standing behind the desk in the museum's replica of the Oval Office and flanked by wax figures of the Clintons and Kennedys, was unveiled this past Monday.

The figure of Obama is standing with his arms crossed, wearing a black suit and smiling broadly. To his right, figures of his Democratic rival Sen. Hillary Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton. To Obama's left, figures of another first family that graced the Oval Office, former president John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy. See video here>>>


I am happy to announce that Rufskin Studio is an official sponsor of my men's weekend getaway, Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs, California (May 9-12). Rufskin was recently featured on Oxygen's Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency and Rufskin hottie "ROYCE" will host the poolside fashion show. I have to give a shout out to my boy and one of my favorite Top Models "CISCO," for hooking me up with Royce. Get ready for my upcoming sexy feature on Cisco coming soon! See Rufskin episode below.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Gay Men And Domestic Violence

I have been involved in abusive relationships and know the difference between a loving and healthy relationship and one that is not. Over the years, I have advised a number of my male and female friends on how to get out while they still have their self respect and in some cases their lives.

The story usually goes like this; You meet someone, the sparks fly, the sex is great, 6 months go by and then you begin to see who you are really dealing with. But you like them, love them, even though the abusive behavior is getting worse each day. The honeymoon is over and now the nightmare begins.

Domestic violence can be difficult to identify, especially for the person experiencing it.
People sometimes misunderstand domestic violence and think it is only physical abuse when actually it can be emotional, financial and/or sexual abuse as well.

Without education, many gay men may stay in dangerous or life-threatening situations due to the inability to label their experience as domestic violence. Not until it is labeled will they seek to access the help and information they need.

Abusers often manipulate victims so that they feel they are to blame for the abuse. Sometimes GLBT abusers will try to tell their partners that “this is how it is in a GLBT relationship”. Abusers often promise to change their behavior, and the hope for that positive change can keep a victim from identifying the pattern of abuse in the relationship.

If you are experiencing this, accept that you are embarassed by it, accept that it is happening to you and get out of the relationship NOW!
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Black Teacher John Afred Dennis Murdered

The Bay Area Reporter (BAR), a San Francisco gay community newspaper, is reporting that a college teacher from Oakland who was found dead in a car in San Mateo County was gay, the Bay Area Reporter has learned from people who knew him. Friends recalled John Alfred Dennis Jr. as someone who worked hard to ensure students' success, and expressed devastation at his death.

Oakland Police Officer Roland Holmgren told the B.A.R. Wednesday that Troy Thomas, 43, was arrested in connection with the murder of Dennis and that police will present the case to the district attorney's office.

In an e-mail, Holmgren wrote that Oakland homicide investigators interviewed Thomas and that he confessed to killing Dennis, 59. An autopsy conducted by the San Mateo County Coroner's office revealed that Dennis died due to a gunshot wound, according to Holmgren.

The incident became known when San Mateo County Sheriff's Deputy Keith O'Dell was on routine patrol and came upon a car in the parking lot of Montara State Beach at about 11 p.m. Saturday, February 9.

The beach was closed at the time, and the car was alone in the lot, according to Lieutenant Marc Alcantara, press information officer for the San Mateo County Sheriff's Department. The beach is in an unincorporated section of the county.

As O'Dell approached the person in the driver's seat, he noticed an arm protruding from underneath a cover in the back seat, Alcantara said. O'Dell called for backup and additional sheriff's deputies responded, as well as emergency medical service personnel, among others.
Dennis was pronounced dead at the scene. Alcantara said there was blood on Dennis's arm.

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Ernest Height Killed In Car Accident

I just learned from my friend Marvin K. White, that an old friend who once lived here in Oakland, was killed in a car accident in Indiana in January. He will be missed.

Earnest Hite, Jr., a prevention coordinator with the organization known as Better Existence with HIV ( BEHIV ) —and a former columnist for BLACKlines and OUTlines ( now Windy City Times ) , passed away Jan. 14.
He was 53. Hite died of blunt force trauma to the head and neck after losing control of his vehicle and crashing into an oncoming garbage truck on U.S. Route 20 in Porter, Ind., according to The Beacon News.

Porter Police Chief Jamie Spanier told Windy City Times that “ at the time of the crash, we had extremely bad weather with the roads being snow-covered and slick. Impact occurred in the garbage truck lane, with the passenger side rear quarter panel of Hite's vehicle hitting the front of the truck.”

Hite was transported to Porter Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Hite was born Aug. 24, 1954, in Urbana, Ill., the oldest child of Earnest, Sr. and Dorothy L. Patterson Hite.
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School Shootings Since Columbine

Steve Kazmierczak has been identified as the shooter on the Northern Illinois campus that fatally shot five students and then later turned the gun on himself. The shooting spree could have been worse; NIU President John Peters said a total of 22 people were shot (5 fatally) in all, including the gunman. All of the gunman's victims were students.

The frequency of School shootings in America continues to increase across a broad range of ethnic and socioeconomic groups, although most of the gunman have been white males. There have been 24 school shootings since 1999, including Columbine.

1. Columbine High School massacre
Littleton, Colorado, United States
April 20, 1999

2. Heritage High School shooting
Conyers, Georgia, United States
May 20, 1999

3. Buell Elementary School shooting
Mount Morris Township, Michigan, United States
February 29, 2000

4. Santana High School shooting
Santee, California, United States
March 5, 2001

5. Granite Hills High School shooting
El Cajon, California

March 22, 2001

6. Appalachian School of Law shooting
Grundy, Virginia, United States
January 16, 2002

7. John McDonogh High School Shooting
New Orleans, LA
, United States
April 14, 2003

8. Red Lion Area Junior High School shootings
Red Lion, Pennsylvania, United States
April 24, 2003

9. Case Western Reserve University shooting
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
May 9, 2003

10. Rocori High School shootings
Cold Spring, Minnesota, United States
September 24, 2003

11. Red Lake High School massacre
Red Lake, Minnesota, United States
March 21, 2005

12. Campbell County High School shooting
Jacksboro, Tennessee
November 8, 2005

13. Pine Middle School shooting
Reno, Nevada, United States
March 14, 2006

14. Platte Canyon High School shooting
Bailey, Colorado, United States
September 27, 2006

15. Weston High School shooting
Cazenovia, Wisconsin
September 29, 2006

16. Amish school shooting
Nickel Mines, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States
October 2, 2006

17. Virginia Tech massacre
Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
April 16, 2007

18. Delaware State University shooting
Dover, Delaware, United States
September 21, 2007

19. SuccessTech Academy shooting
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
October 10, 2007

20. Louisiana State University Shooting
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
December 13, 2007

21. Notre Dame Elementary shooting
Portsmouth, Ohio, United States
February 7, 2008

22. Louisiana Technical College Shooting
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
February 8, 2008

23. E.O. Green Junior High School shooting
Oxnard, California, United States
February 12, 2008

24. Northern Illinois University shooting
DeKalb, Illinois, United StatesFebruary 14, 2008

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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Ok...I don't get to watch BET hardly ever...OK I just don't watch it. But recently while channel surfing, I came across Char Jackson ( Moesha/K-Fed reject) and Ray Jay (r&b singer/porn star) hosting BET's Top 25 Heartaches. Char is crazy and Ray Jay is funny too. Oh...and Jonathan, if you are and Terry made #10.

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U.S. Dollar Continues To Fall

NEW YORK, Feb 14 (Reuters) - The dollar fell against the euro and yen on Thursday after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the U.S. economic outlook had worsened and that the central bank would act as needed to support growth.

In remarks to the Senate Banking Committee, Bernanke said falling home values, a softer job market and high energy prices are expected to hurt consumer spending in the short run.
Bernanke's comments reinforced the impression that the Fed will cut interest rates again, with rate futures pricing in a half-point rate cut in March. The Fed has cut the benchmark rate by 225 basis points in the current easing cycle.

Traders pushed the euro up to $1.4634 , up 0.5 percent from a day ago and close to the $1.4647 session peak.

"Bernanke's comments were in line with his recent rhetoric -- the focus on the downside risk to economy -- and the Fed is going to cut rates again," said Ken Landon, global foreign exchange strategist at J.P. Morgan in New York.

Sterling rose 0.3 percent to $1.9691 while the dollar fell from an earlier one-month high of 108.61 yen to 107.90 yen, down 0.4 percent from late Wednesday.
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