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New Whitney Houston Song Leaked on Internet

Whitney Houston says it all in a new track making the rounds online.
"I want you to love me like I never left," the legendary songbird trills in the aptly titled "Like I Never Left."

MIA from the music scene since her private life went on a roller-coaster ride full of substance-abuse problems and a trainwreck marriage to Bobby Brown, Ms. Houston hasn't released a new tune in approximately forever—or at least since 2003's "One Wish (for Christmas)."
While "Like I Never Left" is technically a love song featuring Akon, the lyrics couldn't be more perfect for her return to recording.

In one verse from the three-minute, 39-second cut, Houston coos, "Yes, your girl is coming back."
Whit is expected to release her new—and much anticipated—album this coming fall.
Welcome back, Whitney! And please stay this time.

Remember Notorius HIV - Darnell "Bossman" McGee?

"Boss Man" McGee

His story was the darkest side of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and whispered urban legends that often turn out to be nothing but myths. But in 1996, these events became a harsh and disturbing reality.

He was called "Boss Man," and he roamed through the battle-scarred streets of East St. Louis, where boarded-up storefronts and burned-out cars are a common sight. Frequently at the wheel of expensive, flashy cars, the "Boss Man," whose real name was Darnell McGee, was known as a ladies' man, and rumors of his many conquests, including some very young girls, swept through the riverside slum in 1996. Though his source of income was unknown, McGee always seemed to have a lot of cash and would often take his girlfriends on shopping trips and lavish them with gifts.

To a young girl from East St. Louis, the attention may have been irresistible. But that happiness was short-lived and quickly turned to horror when it was revealed that Darnell "Boss Man" McGee was not only infected with the AIDS virus, but was spreading it to all his sex partners. According to a report in the Times, at least 62 women had been exposed to the deadly virus as a result of McGee's conduct (April 19, 1997).
How many Darnell McGees has there been since and how many are out there today?
At this point in the pandemic and with all of the information that is out there, can people who become infected (barring rape or some other situation outside of our personal control) place blame anywhere except on themselves?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Black In America Trailer - MEN

Have you been watching the CNN special this week "Black In America"? Today, the focus is on Black women. Tomorrow (July 24) at 9pm, CNN will focus on the state of Black Men in America.
What do you think about the report on Black Women and after viewing tomorrow's show, let me know what you think about the CNN report on the state of Black men.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ok...maybe you have seen the commercial below where the White dog sings a cute and infectious, happy song amongst all of the other Non-White dogs that "There Ain't No Bugs On Me." But on closer observation, the White Dog is the star of the show and has No Bugs and all the non-white dogs (particularly the dark and black ones) are infested with bugs. Advertising companies put a lot of money and thought into coming up with these campaigns. Is it a coincidence that they chose the white dog to have no bugs? Bad Dog Advantix!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

How Do You Feel About Your Penis Size?

When founding editor of Vibe Vibe Magazine Poulson-Bryant came out with his book "Hung: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America " (2006 Half Moon Publishing),

he was simultaneously criticized and lauded for challenging prevailing stereotypes about what it means to be a black man.

I remember watching Oprah and her special report on Men with Dr. Oz. According to the statistics presented, the average penis size of black men is one inch longer than that of white and hispanic men. And asian men, on average, have smaller penis's than the groups mentioned above.

Now, this does not mean that black men don't have small penises and that asian men don't have large ones. What it does mean is that, for one reason or another, size does matter.

The Ego is the part of the brain that either says in your mind, “I am wonderful”, or “I am
garbage.” The “Id” is the part of your brain that says “I want food, water, sex etc.” Given the statistical averages, I wonder if Asian American men with dicks eight inches or larger experience an increased sense of positive self confidence? And do African American men with dicks that are six inches or smaller, suffer from low self esteem?

Sigmund Freud, the father of Psychiatry, said that men had a sexual thought consciously or subconsciously every 3 seconds. This would suggest that men also think about their penis's during this time as well. And if you are gay, if you are not thinking of your penis, you might be thinking of someone else's.

With an increasing number of penis enlargement products and erectile dysfunction aides on the market (fueled by mail insecurity), our penis's have become big business (pun intended).

How important is your penis size (or that of others) to you?


I have been involved in abusive relationships and know the difference between a loving and healthy relationship and one that is not.

Over the years, I have advised a number of my male and female friends on how to get out while they still have their self respect and in some cases their lives.

The story usually goes like this; You meet someone, the sparks fly, the sex is great, 6 months go by and then you begin to see who you are really dealing with. But you like them, love them, even though the abusive behavior is getting worse each day.

The honeymoon is over and now the nightmare begins.Domestic violence can be difficult to identify, especially for the person experiencing it. People sometimes misunderstand domestic violence and think it is only physical abuse when actually it can be emotional, financial and/or sexual abuse as well.

Without education, many gay men may stay in dangerous or life-threatening situations due to the inability to label their experience as domestic violence. Not until it is labeled will they seek to access the help and information they need. Abusers often manipulate victims so that they feel they are to blame for the abuse. Sometimes GLBT abusers will try to tell their partners that “this is how it is in a GLBT relationship”.

Abusers often promise to change their behavior, and the hope for that positive change can keep a victim from identifying the pattern of abuse in the relationship. If you are experiencing this, accept that you are embarassed by it, accept that it is happening to you and get out of the relationship NOW!
Domestic Violence Info & Resource links 1 2 3 4

Bobby Blake - My Life In Porn And What I Think About Gay Marriage

(Fleshbot) Among the several interesting things we learned about multifaceted porn icon Bobby Blake from this revealing two-part interview were that (1) he doesn't appreciate dirty tennis shoes or the use of makeup on his fellow models and (2) his views on gay marriage are even more complicated than we thought.
We might take exception with some of his views on the whole marriage thing, but we're 100% behind him when it comes to makeup and dirty tennis shoes. We also would've asked him how he feels about porn performers who spend way too much time in the tanning booth, but we weren't the ones doing the interview. (; order "My Life in Porn: The Bobby Blake Story" @ Amazon)

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Mario Lopez has to be one of the sexiest men in hollywood today. The 32 year old actor continues to shed his Saved By The Bell image by dancing with stars and more recently posing nude for People Magazine.

It seems that the Saved By The Bell Alumni are on a mission to expose themselves. Screech (Dustin Diamond) has gone into porn (proper) which he promoted (along with the size of his dick) ad nauseam while annoying people on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club.
Elizabeth Berkley exposed herself (a lot) while playing a drifter who wanders into Las Vegas and climbs the social ladder from stripper to showgirl.

The People article isn't the first time that Mario has exposed himself. We got to see hot butt shots of him in his breakout role, Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story.

Enjoy my Mario Lopez shrine.


Flint Michigan Crackdown On Sagging

Flint residents now have to watch their butts because Police Chief David Dicks is on the lookout.

Dicks, who took over the department last month on an interim basis, announced that his officers would start arresting people wearing saggy pants that expose skivvies, boxer shorts or bare bottoms.

"Some people call it a fad," Dicks told the Free Press this week while patrolling the streets of Flint. "But I believe it's a national nuisance. It is indecent and thus it is indecent exposure, which has been on the books for years."

On June 27, the chief issued a departmental memorandum telling officers: "This immoral self expression goes beyond freedom of expression."
The crime, he says, is disorderly conduct or indecent exposure, both misdemeanors punishable by 93 days to a year in jail and/or fines up to $500.
Dicks, 41, broke down his interpretation of the laws as such: Pants pulled completely below the buttocks with underwear showing is disorderly conduct; saggy pants with skin of the buttocks showing is indecent exposure, and saggy pants, not completely below the buttocks, with underwear exposed results in a warning.

The American Civil Liberties Union is already scrutinizing the enforcement, something Dicks fully expected. But he said he's not backing down until the pants stop falling down.
Still, as of Tuesday, no one had been arrested for saggy pants.

"We want to put the word out before we take aggressive action," he said.
On Monday, a Free Press reporter and videographer rode with the chief as he confronted teens sporting the sag look. He issued verbal warnings to several people and said the style also gives police probable cause to search those wearing no-rise jeans.
Complete story at source>>>

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


LOS ANGELES — It's not easy being Al Reynolds these days.
The soon-to-be ex-husband of Star Jones says he's "been called a gigolo, a freeloader, unemployed, a sham and many other things that don't bear repeating" since Jones filed for divorce in March.

Reynolds posted a 485-word rant on MySpace and Facebook on Tuesday, using the social-networking Web sites to air his frustrations with media coverage.
"If you think you are having a tough day, may I propose you walk in my shoes for a few hours," reads the opening line. "In my mind, it feels like 'Dump on Al Month.'"

His publicist issued Reynolds' only official statement on his split from Jones after three years of marriage: "We are taking the high road."
"As much as I want to defend myself, it seems like a silly and futile exercise," Reynolds writes. "It's clear that the media doesn't want to let the truth get in the way of a good story. I hate to ruin their fun."

Click here to see YOUTUBE interview.

Complete Story At Source>>>


Well, after years of shameless promotion of my boy Demarco Majors and our screening of the trailer of "Rockdogs" at last year's Oakland International Black LGBT Film Festival, the "Rock Dogs" will premiere this fall on MTV Logo as "Shirts & Skins".

"Shirts & Skins" follows the true-life story of the San Francisco Rockdogs, a young all-star basketball team who must reunite to uphold their city's three-generation legacy of international gay games gold medal, and national tournament wins. ├┐After their last gold in 2006, the team fell apart, only to be rallied back together by their founders to defend their title at the upcoming National Gay Basketball Championship in Chicago. When the Rockdogs join together as family, they win. So will this new generation of talented players be able to put aside their interpersonal differences, love lives, and late night rumbles in time to get their game on and bring home the championship?

Click here for Logo Fall Schedule>>>

Obama Denounces Tasteless New Yorker Cover

The cover of the July 21 New Yorker depicts Obama in turban fist bumping his wife who is complete with an afro and automatic weapon while an American flag burns in the fire place and picture of Osama Bin Laden on the mantle that is getting all the attention.

Both presidential campaigns have denounced this cover. Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said, “The New Yorker may think, as one of their staff explained to us, that their cover is a satirical lampoon of the caricature Sen. Obama's right-wing critics have tried to create. But most readers will see it as tasteless and offensive. And we agree."

McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds agreed, “We completely agree with the Obama campaign, it’s tasteless and offensive.” The New Yorker has defended their cover as satire, and even if you can get past the hatchet job this does on Obama, what bothers me most is the burning of the American flag, and picture of Osama Bin Laden over the mantle.

To me that image is a slap in the face to all of those who were injured, died, or lost loved ones on 9/11. I don’t think it is appropriate to joke about Bin Laden in such a personal and political sense. People who see this cover won’t see satire. What they should see is a shameless attempt by an irrelevant magazine to get some cheap publicity.
complete story at source>>>


NEW YORK Death Row Records, the hip-hop label that released seminal gangster rap albums by Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, has been auctioned for $24 million.
The New York-based Global Music Group Inc. told The Associated Press on Monday that on June 24 it purchased Death Row, including its back catalog and current artist contracts.

The purchase concluded the roller-coaster saga of one of hip-hop’s most famous labels. Under owner Marion “Suge” Knight, Death Row sold tens of millions of albums in the heyday of early ’90s rap before collapsing in debt and mismanagement.

A former couple, Lydia and Michael Harris, claimed they helped found the label and won a judgment of $107 million, which they tried to collect in 2006. Unable to pay, Death Row and Knight filed for bankruptcy in April 2006, claiming debts of more than $100 million.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rapper Too Short Could Loose Recording Studio In Oakland

OAKLAND — Oakland rapper Too $hort faces losing the downtown recording studio he recently opened if the music icon does not turn over more than $1 million owed from a 1996 settlement involving a deadly car crash.

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office has been ordered to seize the equipment Too $hort installed in the UpAllNite studio, which he opened in May on Franklin Street, to pay the remainder of the settlement now totaling more than $1.1 million, including interest charges.
The settlement stems from a 1991 head-on collision in Oakland that killed passenger James Ellerbee, 22, and seriously injured the driver, Matthew Martin.

Too $hort, whose legal name is Todd Shaw, was not directly responsible for the crash.
Ellerbee's parents, however, brought a $17 million wrongful death suit against Shaw because his GMC pickup truck collided with the Mercury Cougar Ellerbee and Martin were in.
According to court documents, Shaw was uninsured and legally drunk. His blood alcohol level was .18, more than twice the legal limit of 0.8.

He had also clipped a parked car about 400 feet away and was fleeing the scene of that accident moments before the two vehicles collided head on about 2:15 a.m. April 25, 1991, in the 3000 block of 73rd Avenue. The Mercury Cougar had crossed over the center line as it came around a curve. Police at the time said both drivers were speeding.

Complete story at source >>>

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Jesse Jackson Wants Obama's Nuts

WASHINGTON - In a vulgar tirade caught on tape by Fox News, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said he wanted to "cut his [Barack Obama's] nuts out" and he accused the fellow Chicagoan of "talking down to black folks" by giving moral lectures to African-Americans, source said Jackson's shocking quotes were picked up by a hot mic before an interview on health care in Fox's Chicago studio last Sunday.

Shame on you Jesse Jackson, smiling in Barack's face and stabbing him in his back, how Judas of you. If the great civil rights activist Jesse Jackson isn't immune to black on black jealousy and hate, what should we be expecting from young black people in America.
See video clip below.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We managed to make it through our college years and have a satisfying social life without joining a fraternity, but Ty at here makes us wonder whether we really did miss out on something after all. (Assuming he's a real frat man, that is, although we have no reason to doubt the integrity of the good folks at A porn site making up model bios would be unthinkable, wouldn't it?) More@


Click image above to see larger image and here for article on World of Apple.



In August of 2007, the Bureau of Justice Statistics issued a special report on Black Victims of Violent Crimes. The report was compiled by BJS Statistician Erika Harrell, PhD.

The good news is that the report shows the overall rate of nonfatal violent victimization declined for blacks/African Americans, whites, and Hispanics age 12 or older between 1993 and 2005.

However, the report states that while blacks accounted for approximately 13% of the U.S. population in 2005, they were victims in 15% (805,000) of all nonfatal violent crimes and nearly half of all homicides.

These findings were based on data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR), Supplementary Homicide Reports.

The report indicates that Black victims of homicide were most likely to be male (85%) and between the ages of 17 and 29 (51%). Blacks were killed with a firearm in about 77% of homicides against them. Homicides among Blacks were more likely to occur in highly populated areas, including cities and suburbs. About 53% of homicides against blacks in 2005 took place in areas with populations of at least 250,000 people. Blacks in households with lower annual incomes were at greater risk of violence than those with higher annual incomes.

I have my own thoughts about these statistics, they include historical and socio-economic factors, but why do you think that our community still battles with such high levels of violence?


Sunday, July 6, 2008


Academy Award-winning actress/former "American Idol" contestant & Sex And The City movie co-star, Jennifer Hudson will release her debut album, a self-titled affair, in September via Arista Records.

The first single, "Spotlight," has already hit radio outlets. "Spotlight" was written by Ne-Yo, who co-produced along with Stargate. Additional contributors on the album include Timbaland, Robin Thicke, the Underdogs, Diane Warren and Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, among others."I think people will be pleasantly surprised, because it shows a side of my work that no one has heard before," Hudson says of the new album.

I just received a promoters copy of the remixes for "Spotlight" from my boy Peter Albertelli in NYC af Flylife Music and will be playing my favorite version of the Spotlight remix in the Playboyz Lounge (upper level) in San Francisco this Saturday, July 12 at the new PLAYBOYZ Party at Eight Nightclub, 1151 Folsom Street. Click here for party info.

Comedian Vincent Oshana - GAY "CAL'S JR" COMMERCIAL

Ok..I was asked to post the gay "Cal's JR" video again. I guess it was pulled off of youtube but I found it again here on "funny or die."

The video was a viral video hit produced by the brainchild of Damon Wayon. And for those who never saw the clip, it was a parody of Carl's Jr.'s Six dollar Burger, "The Messy Meaty Burger; It's that good!" The video starred Damon Jr and funny man Vincent Oshana who is shown licking droppings of hamburger from between Damon's legs. Oshana, who is also Middle Eastern, is a funny comedian who loves showing of his nude tight ass little body (see below).

See his stand up act below.


Fleshbot Reports: Given the fact that we were all treated to the sight of him pissing into a houseplant on that VH1 reality show a few years ago, we guess this had to happen eventually: Famous tiny person Verne Troyer, best known to audiences until this point as Mini-Me from the Austin Powers movies, has joined the long list of celebrity pornographers and made himself his very own sex tape.

(Yes kids, even dwarves make bad decisions sometimes.) SugarDVD has reportedly offered $100,000 for the tape—but unless they get Troyer's consent, none of us will get to see just how else Verne likes to get freaky. While you're (not) waiting to see how it all pans out, we invite you to watch this alternate reality version of how things might look. We know it's not the real thing, but it's the closest we could find for now ... and maybe the closest you'll ever want to get.

View video at your own peril by cicking here ..MEIN EYES!...MEIN EYES!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

L.A. Sherriff's Commander Sends Letter To Cuppa Joe About ATB Cancellation

(This letter is being published in its entirety, unedited as it was submitted to me from Carl Deely, Commander with the Los Angeles Sherriff's Department)
"I want to thank you for mentioning another side of this issue.

I am very disappointed in what I have read elsewhere. People have been forming an opinion and going as far as to accuse Sheriff's Department personnel of racism and bigotry, based on partial and faulty information.

Does it truly make sense to you that after nearly two decades of the same event, the Sheriff’s Department has suddenly developed a bias and cancelled the “At the Beach” event?

The Sheriff’s Department did not cancel the event. As part of the permit process, which is controlled by Beaches and Harbors, we did ask for increased security and additional conditions to ensure the safety of all participants and everyone using the public beach area. These came as a result of actions which occurred at last year’s event, which placed the safety of participants and the general public in jeopardy.

I personally worked with the organizer of this event to explain the conditions and try and make them easier to implement. I also told him we would try and hire as many reserve deputies, at a reduced cost, as possible to ease the additional costs. I even extended our deadline for the organizer to make a decision and told him if the participants avoided the problems from last year, at this year’s event, we would work with him and see if we could reduce the security costs and conditions for 2009.

As part of the permit process, the requested money would be placed as a deposit, with the potential for a substantial refund if the event ended on time and the conditions were followed.Due to the disturbances last year and a failure to have shuttle buses, as agreed, to take the participants to the off-site parking, the costs went substantially over the budget. Those additional costs have yet to be paid.

These conditions were not last minute. The organizer missed a meeting with the involved government agencies in May and did not take advantage of an offered make-up meeting with Beaches and Harbors. As a result, the negitiations were handled by phone conversations and e-mails.The organizer chose not to accept the new costs and conditions, thus choosing to cancel the event.

As of last Friday, I thought a series of contacts between the organizer and me had ensured the event would continue this year. I believe those contacts were open and we had achieved mutual understanding, if not total agreement. I regret I was unable to solve the concerns to his satisfaction."

Carl Deeley
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department


I went to see Hancock last night and you can tell it's that time of year: Will Smith season. And the the King of July 4th has another smash hit on his hands with Hancock, costarring Oscar winner Charlize Theron and funnyman Jason Bateman.

This is the only major release at the box office over the holiday weekend, and every studio clears a path because, no doubt about it, he's one of the No. 1 movie stars in the world.

In a summer of superheroes, you also have to admire actor-turned-director Peter Berg for bringing us an entirely new character, who doesn't have to cater to both fanboys and mass audiences, or worry about staying true to the source material.
This movie was funny and unpredictiable and although the special effects were nothing new, the storyline is unique.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Los Angeles Black Gay Beach Party Cancelled

My email and phone have been buzzing with messages from my Southern California friends about this blog entry since the weekend. I waited until I got input from reliable sources before posting this item.

On what would have been the 20th anniversary of the ATB a.k.a "AT The Beach" the organizers have announced that the center piece of the LA Black LGBT Pride event has been cancelled.

For years ATB (held at Point Dume in Malibu) was the place to be, California's largest Black LGBT Pride event and one of the largest Black "gay pride" events in the world. But in recent years, attendance has been down (particularly among men) which some attribute to the growth of all male focused events targeting African American men like Miami Sizzle, San Juan Brothas, Blatino Oasis and the growing number of new travel options for men. Also, last year rumors swirled that the ATB pride event wouldn't happen because of financial troubles.

So what was the cause of this year's cancellation? Violence, this according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the City of Malibu and a few people who were in attendance last year. Kevin Davenport of Long Beach told Cuppa Joe that he was there when a fight broke out between two or three women. "I saw the fight between the lesbians and I promptly left." said Davenport. There have also been reports that a gun may have been involved.

According to sources, the City of Malibu at the last minute issued a new “special condition” that dramatically raised fees and shortened the time by which the event could take place.

Although some in L.A. are scrambling to find other beaches, the last minute notice given to the nation about this change has many wondering if this will be the proverbial nail in the coffin for this legendary beach event or just a hiccup that will clear up next year. Only time will tell.


Tiger Tyson In Your Car?

On the heels of the launch of his new dildo earlier this year, Tiger Tyson is now asking that you take him along on your next road trip. It doesn't get any better than that!

You'll love the fresh and sexy smell, and Tiger's photo's is not bad either! Now you can show your love for the Tiger 24/7. The scent is of course, "Tiger"!

Additional Tiger Tyson Car Fresheners can be purchased for $3.95. They make great gifts for Tiger fans, your friends and lover, and yourself. Buy a bunch!

Keep innovating Tiger..see you soon.