Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally A Short Breather And Some Pics From Blatino Oasis

Whew!...I finally feel like I can take a breather. It seems as if I have been producing events constantly and trying to attend as many events as my middle aged body can possibly stand without collapsing!

My photographer Adam finally got me the pictures that he took during Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs last month (see my pic to the left and pics below) and I have just a few to share with you. The more XXX pics will be posted on our gallery page soon. My girl Holland and I (yes a woman) are already preparing for next year's event May 8-11.

After producing Blatino Oasis, I rushed back to the Bay to lock down a San Francisco Pride party (see posting before this one) and a new monthly San Francisco boy party (PLAYBOYZ).

I then hooked up with my girl Deb (women rule!) who co-coordinates the 6th Annual Oakland International Black LGBT Film Festival with me to keep that on track for August...all while running my consulting business.

And if you have ever wondered why I wear sunglasses (night and day), I will offer two reasons; During the daytime, the California sun is so intense that my eyes can barely stay open because of the glare (i feel like a vampire) and secondly, I am usually so tired that the bags beneath my eyes are way too prominent to go without my stunna shades...not cute.

But all in all....I love doing these events for you guys and I am so damned appreciative that you have shown up for well over a decade. I promise to keep taking you all on a journey. If you have advice on something that you would like to see....hit me up at
and I will see what I can do!

I hope that you enjoy the pictures below and I hope that you will plan early and come to be with us at the 3rd Annual Blatino Oasis 2009 in Palm Springs's time that you did something different!

Peace & Much Love!
Joe Hawkins

See Pics Above From Blatino Oasis 2008!


Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, clubrimshot's first ever San Francisco pride party was a huge success and DJ Brandon was excellent! Brandon was one of my dj's at Club Rimshot at the old bench and bar about nine years ago and just like fine wine...he has only gotten better! In the Bay and particularly in San Francisco, it is very hard to find black gay male djs spinning hip hop at gay clubs, which is ironic.
Corey Action realeased his new CD at the event and performed...You were great! I am waiting for some pics to add to this posting.

The club Eight venue definitley has the potential to become the hottest boy party targeting African American men and their friends in the Northwest!

With after-hours capabilities, two seperate floors & two dancefloors that will feature (hip hop on lower floor and old school, r&b and house on the upper floor), two djs, two bars, a vip lounge area, 4 bathrooms, inexpensive well drinks, smoking patio and a convenient location for East Bay or South Bay folks coming off the bridge into San Francisco.
We had a ball at the Playboyz Pride Preview Party!
Now get ready for the official Playboyz Grand Opening Party
Saturday, July 12 (10pm til after hours),
thank you all again and I will see you there!

Friday, June 20, 2008


It has been a long time in the making and after almost two years and numerous setbacks, the club formerly known as "Cables Reef" will emerge as Oakland's hot new gay nightclub "Vibe Lounge."

Lesbian couple Susan Boreman and her partner Lori Dynes have put both of their hearts and souls into making their dream a reality.

I was fortunate to have been taken on a tour of the Vibe about a month ago during the final construction phase and I am sure that they have spared no expense to make our community proud and to provide us with a permanent happy hour and nightclub party spot for years to come.

Oakland's club scene has languished for years, even when Cables Reef was open, it was pretty run down. And although the Bench & Bar club and the White Horse club are gay clubs in Oakland, they don't really cater to the African American community. Not to say that the Vibe Lounge will only cater to African Americans, but since one of the owners (Lori Dynes) is Black and her partner Susan is very supportive of the Black community, I am sure that the Vibe will be very welcoming to our community.

For years I have produced monthly events for men througout the Bay Area, and will continue to do so, I am so happy that Oaklander's won't have to wait until a monthly event happens or travel to San Francisco every week just to get our groove on!

I will be attending a special event at the Vibe tonight and will be also attending the Grand Opening tomorrow on Saturday, June 21st!
Join us as we celebrate Oakland's newest gay institution!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

California Gays Can Be Legally Married Starting Today

AP - Gay and lesbian couples will begin exchanging vows across California on today, one month after the state's highest court overturned a ban on same-sex marriage in a historic ruling.
The first marriage licenses are to be issued in a handful of districts from 5:00 pm (0000 GMT) on Monday, before an expected state-wide stampede by thousands of couples gets underway the following day.

The legalization of same-sex marriage in California is expected to create a mini-industry worth several hundred million dollars, as couples flock to California from across the United States to tie the knot.

Among the first couples to get hitched on Monday will be Robin Tyler and Diane Olson, who were the first plaintiffs in the lawsuit that led to the California Supreme Court overturning the ban last month.

Analysts say same-sex marriages will generate several hundred million dollars and create thousands of jobs for California's economy.

A recent University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) study said around 51,000 of the 102,000 same-sex couples living in California are expected to marry over the next three years, with a further 67,500 couples from outside the state expected to wed here during the same period.
Complete story here>>>

I will be in Oakland at City Hall today at 6pm as Mayor Ron Dellums will officiate some of the first couples. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom will marry the first couple that he married 4 years ago.

One small step for giant leap for civil rights!


Sunday, June 15, 2008


On the third weekend of every April, Emily Ann Frankston and her family—spread out over five states—meet up in Las Vegas for their annual family vacation. This year was different. The only ones to show up were Frankston, her husband and her brother-in-law, and they stayed just two nights instead of the traditional three. "My two sisters back east said airfares were too high, my mother-in-law lost her job in January, and some of the others said they were busy, but we think they didn't want to spend the money," says Frankston, 37, who drove in from the Phoenix area. "We've done this for the past nine years. Even after 9/11 we all came. But this year's it's just us. This recession is really hurting everyone."

"What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" or so goes the adage.
If only that could be said about the profits. Like the rest of America, Las Vegas is feeling the recessionary pinch as its gambling revenues dip downward for one of the only times in the gilded city's history.

Foreclosures and declining profits have hit hard in America's capital of kitsch, where the shift to family friendly entertainment, is now making the previously recession proof Sin City susceptible to the traditional highs and lows the tourism industry.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mixed With Cherokee


Forbes annual list of the 100 most powerful celebrities once again ranks Oprah Winfrey No. 1. African Americans were also well represented in the top 10 and in the top 100 as well.

Winfrey with an income of $275 million, beat out Tiger Woods. Angelina Jolie placed third, Beyonce Knowles, fourth, and David Beckham, fifth.
Winfrey has led the list five times to include last year.

The Top 10

1. Oprah Winfrey
2. Tiger Woods
3. Angelina Jolie
4. Beyonce Knowles
5. David Beckham
6. Johnny Depp
7. Jay-Z
8. The Police
9. J.K. Rowling
10. Brad Pitt

It was a year of conquest in Hollywood. The worldwide box office soared to a record $25.8 billion, buoyed by global blockbusters like Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Sony's Da Vinci Code. Madonna reclaimed her title as the mightiest force in music, thanks to her record-breaking Confessions tour, which drew over a million fans and generated $195 million in ticket sales. And golf ace Tiger Woods banked $100 million, more in a single year than any athlete in history.


Fresh from its fist bump flap, Fox News is taking new flak for a screen caption that referred to Michelle Obama as her husband's "baby mama."

Even conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, who was on camera Wednesday afternoon when the line "OUTRAGED LIBERALS: STOP PICKING ON OBAMA'S BABY MAMA" flashed underneath her, has distanced herself from the phrase.

In a posting Wednesday night, Malkin wrote: "I did not write the caption, and I was not aware of it when it ran (the Baltimore studio doesn’t have a monitor). I don’t know if the caption writer was making a lame attempt to be hip, clueless about the original etymology of the phrase, or both."

Still, Malkin goes off on a tangent on how Michelle Obama, in the past, has referred to her mate as her "baby's daddy" (the point being, presumably, that the phrase was thus in play). You can read Malkin's post here; it includes some of the nasty e-mails she received following her Fox appearance.

The folks at Fox are developing something of an obsession over Barack Obama's wife. Tonight's Bill O'Reilly show, according to network promos, will include a discussion of her by conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham.

Click here for Obama Smear Campaign Website

New York Times: NBC's Tim Russert Dead At 58

NEW YORK (CBS) ― The New York Times is reporting that NBC Senior Vice President and Washington Bureau Chief Tim Russert has died from an apparent heart attack.

They are citing family reports. He was 58-years-old.According to the MSNBC biography on Russert, he was the Managing Editor and Moderator of "Meet the Press" and political analyst for "NBC Nightly News" and the "TODAY" program.

He anchors "The Tim Russert Show," a weekly interview program on MSNBC. Russert also serves as senior vice president and Washington bureau chief of NBC News.

Another Airlines Add Fees for Checking Luggage

For weeks, American Airlines stood alone in facing the ire of passengers over its decision to begin charging $15 to check the first bag. But it now has some company.

United Airlines said Thursday it would put the charge into effect Friday, two days earlier than American. The $15 fee, for passengers flying on leisure fares booked in advance, is on top of a $25 fee for checking a second suitcase that airlines began charging recently.

And US Airways said Thursday it also was matching the $15 fee, effective July 9. The charge would apply to flights to and from Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, making its program broader than its rivals. In addition, US Airways said it would begin charging most passengers $2 for nonalcoholic drinks, including bottled water, and $7 for alcoholic beverages, on Aug. 1.
Complete story at source>>>

R. Kelly Not Guilty On All Counts

CHICAGO - R&B superstar R. Kelly has been acquitted on all counts at his child pornography trial, according to a court reporter's account displayed in a room set aside for the news media.

The jury in the R. Kelly child pornography case reached its verdict after less than a day of deliberations.
Kelly was charged with 14 counts of videotaping himself having sex with an underage girl, who prosecutors say was as young as 13.

The jurors — nine men and three women — were given the case Thursday afternoon after attorneys for both sides completed their closing arguments.

A key question for the jurors was whether they believe it was Kelly in the video as prosecutors contend or if they agree with Kelly's attorneys that he isn't the man in the video.

Lesbian Pastor Lynice Pinkard Becomes Acting Senior Pastor At Church In Oakland

The number of out LGBT African American theologians playing key roles in mainstream religeous institutions are extremely small and can be counted on one hand and then only on a few digits. Lynice Pinkard was recently named Acting Senior Pastor at the First Congregational Church in Oakland, California. The 46 year old pastor has worked as a therapist with the city and county of San Francisco and was among the first African American ministers to dedicate themselves to the needs of the African American lesbian and gay community.

"We need to utilize our own histories as African-American LGBTs to understand and uncover the more radical parts of Christianity. Remember that Jesus, that Jewish carpenter, was a poor, landless radical/revolutionary. He stood up and fought the powers that be. Today we’d say that he stood up against Homeland Security.

Faith gives people the ability to resist forms of oppression. I’d like Black people of faith to make the connection between the resistance of the early church—of Jesus in particular—with the history of other African-American peoples who have fought on all kinds of liberation fronts.

Resistance to every form of suffering and oppression is a mandate. We must connect our suffering to the suffering that’s happening all over the world and to the environment. We can get power from connecting to coalitions based in what I call collective projects for freedom.”

Congratulations on your acting role at first Congregation and it is clear to me that their faith in your leadership further shows just how progressive our great state of California is and what we can achieve in the future.


Sunny Hawkins - Thank You Again For This Gospel Album

I featured Sunny Hawkins (and interviewed her) last year during the holidays and have since then become a huge fan of her inspirational album "More Of You." Click this link to hear songs from her CD then buy your copy today!

Wearing Nothing Is Divine

The good folks at Fantastics Mag give us some sartorial advice to live by with the Vogue-worthy maxim "Wearing nothing is divine" (along with plenty of pics of a suitably pouty-lipped semi-naked model by way of illustration). Makes total sense when you think about it—the less you wear, the less you have to worry about whether your ensemble is clashing or not! This reminds me....I can't wait until Blatino Oasis again in Palm Springs, California next year!! (

Lesbians vs. Lesbians On The Island of Lesbos?

Lesbians from Lesbos are suing the other lesbians because apparently being a Lesbian doesn't mean that you're, you know ... into lesbians. Did you understand all of that? Because... I've read this story and watched these videos and all I got out of it was that this is a hot lesbian mess. ( +, via

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Montel Williams Show Cancelled After Heath Ledger Comment

I know that I am late on reporting this but...reportedly Montel Williams was fired and his show of 17 years was cancelled after comments made on FOX TV about Health Ledger. To be perfectly honest...I did not know his show was still on! See link and video below for details.


Madonna Mad About Gay Brothers New Tell All Book

Madonna is shocked and dismayed by her gay brother Christopher Ciccone’s plans to pen a tell-all book about his mega-star sister’s life. And he’s doing it for the paycheck, Madonna said of her off-and-on recovering drug addict brother. Artistic director for Truth or Dare and then again for her Girlie Show Tour, Madonna has given her brother Christopher ample opportunity to clean up and keep his act clean. But the estranged pair is still at odds.

“Madonna has helped Christopher since day one of her career," a source told blogger Perez Hilton. "She's put him in a music video, let him direct one of her tours, decorate her homes. She's given him millions of dollars."

But despite the pop music icon’s attempts to save her brother, the pair have had a major falling out. Now Ciccone is set to cash in on his sister’s fame and fortune by revealing her deepest secrets in his book Life with My Sister Madonna, which is due out in July. "Christopher can't get work. He can't function.

He's been evicted from his Miami apartment. He's broke. They took away his car. M's even offered to get him a job if he goes to rehab, but he still won't go. She’s never given someone more chances than Christopher Ciccone,” said Hilton’s source. The Associated Press reported that Madge’s gay brother Christopher has closed a deal with book publisher Simon & Schuster to ink a bio on her life—a bio her publicist reveals she’s not involved with.

Life With My Sister Madonna will have an initial print run of 350,000 copies and chronicle Ciccone's 47 years of growing up with Madonna, the publisher said. No financial details were revealed. Ciccone will work closely with famed biographer Wendy Leigh, best known for her works on Liza Minnelli, Grace Kelly and a highly critical look at the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to the singer’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg, Ciccone and his sister are no longer close. No further information was given on their falling out.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Herpes Study: 1 In 4 NYC Adults Has Herpes

(AP-New York City) A New York City Health Department study finds that more than a fourth of adult New Yorkers are infected with the virus that causes genital herpes.
The study, released Monday, says about 26 percent of New York City adults have genital herpes, compared to about 19 percent nationwide.

The department says genital herpes can double a person's risk for contracting HIV.
Herpes can cause painful sores, but most people have no recognizable symptoms. Among New Yorkers, the herpes rate is higher among women, black people and gay men.

The health department urges consistent use of condoms, and says its STD clinics offer free, confidential herpes testing.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Star Trek's Mr Sulu, George Takei, invites co-stars to gay wedding

The Star Trek legend George Takei will be accompanied by several of his former co-stars when he marries his longtime boyfriend Brad Altman in a civil ceremony this autumn.

The actor - famous for his role as helmsman Mr Sulu - has chosen Walter Koenig, who played Pavel Chekov, to be his best man and Nichelle Nichols, better known as Lieutenant Uhura, as the matron of honour.

Leonard Nimoy, who played the half-human, half-Vulcan science officer Mr Spock, will also attend the nuptials in Los Angeles on September 14.

Conspicuously absent from the guest list is William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the 1960s series. The pair reportedly fell out during filming of the television show over the way Shatner treated fellow cast members.

Takei, 71, announced that he would marry his partner of twenty years when the Californian supreme court lifted a ban on same-sex marriages last month.

He told this week that he hoped the ceremony would be more romantic than the proposal.

"We knew that the Supreme Court was going to be coming down with their ruling. (We'd heard) that it was probably going to be positive. So I was planning on asking Brad to get married," he explained.

"We were at home in the kitchen and we had the TV going, and when the word came down suddenly Brad got on his knees in front of me. And I said, 'What are you doing?' He said, 'George, will you marry me?' I said, 'Yes. You beat me to it. I meant to ask you.'"
He also revealed details of the guests.
"The best man is my colleague from Star Trek, Walter Koenig, who played Chekov, and the matron of honour is Nichelle Nichols. And Leonard (Nimoy) and his wife Susan are on the (guest) list."
His partner Mr Altman diplomatically said the reason Shatner may not be invited was due to number limitations.
"We have only 200 seats," he told AP radio this week. "Our contact list has, like, 3,500 names, so we have to whittle it down and I don't know if William Shatner is going to make the cut."

Obama Fist Bump Fodder For Haters - Get Ready For A Bumpy Ride

The Obama hateration machine is in full effect and right-wing Obama detractors are all in lockstep to discredit his candidacy by calling the fist bumping shared by Barack and his wife Michelle, a terrorist sign or gesture.
Get ready everyone, it is going to be a "bumpy" ride.

Monday, June 9, 2008


British songstress Amy Winehouse is involved in yet another embarrassing video (filmed by her husband) in which she is shown surrounded by evidence of drugs and singing racist chants.

The 24-year-old star and a pal called Sarah chanted racist chants to the tune of the children's songs "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes."The girls changed the lyrics to "Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips, Gooks and Nips! And deaf and dumb and blind and gay!"


Eastwood says Lee “should shut his face”

Clint Eastwood has responded to Spike Lee’s complaint that there were no black actors in his films Flags of Our Fathers and Letters From Iwo Jima. The two-time Oscar-winning director explained that African-American troops who were at the battle didn’t take part in raising the flag. He told British newspaper The Guardian, “The story is Flags of our Fathers, the famous flag-raising picture, and they didn’t do that. If I go ahead and put an African-American actor in there, people go: ‘This guy’s lost his mind.’ I mean, it’s not accurate.” Referring to Lee, Eastwood added: “A guy like him should shut his face.”

Lee made the criticism at a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival last month, where he was promoting his new war film, Miracle at St. Anna, about the all-black 92nd Buffalo Division.
Read Spike Lee's response at link below.
More at source>>>

New iPhone today likely to boost surging market

With the next-generation iPhone expected to be unveiled today, market observers say the release marks the beginning of an entrenched battle within the mobile market between the smartphone and traditional handset makers.

All eyes will be on AppleInc. chief executive Steve Jobs, as he is widely expected to unveil the new 3G iPhone -- cleverly dubbed the iPhone 2.0 by bloggers --at a developer conference.
But the upgrade of the popular touchscreen device will only further demand for not just the iPhone, but all smartphone devices, including Research In Motion Ltd.' s BlackBerry.
"The high-end smartphone market is seeing tremendous pressure. The iPhone is just going to accelerate that," said Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek.
With smartphone sales expected to grow fivefold by 2010 to about 500 million units, and the technology powering the devices evolving at a rapid pace, handset makers such as Motorola and Nokia stand to be the mobile world's "big losers," Mr. Misek added.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Anderson Cooper Asks: Can I Be Your Boo?

Gay Spaniards Released In Gambia After Soliciting Sex

BANJUL, Gambia (AP) — Two Spanish men detained in Gambia for allegedly propositioning taxi drivers for sex have been released after five days in jail, a Spanish official said Wednesday.

The men were released late Tuesday and have left the West African country, said Nicola El Busto, an official with Spain's embassy in Gambia.
The Spaniards were arrested Friday after taxi drivers reported being solicited by them. Homosexual sex is illegal in Gambia, and those convicted of consensual homosexual acts face up to 14 years in prison. Gambian authorities could not be reached for comment.

Last month, Gambia's president ordered gays to leave the country and threatened to "cut off the head" of anyone found to be gay. President Yahya Jammeh also threatened to close down hotels that rent rooms to gays.

Controversy over homosexuality has been growing across Africa in recent years, with many countries toughening laws against homosexuality even as South Africa legalized gay marriage.
Jammeh's statements were condemned by international gay rights activists but welcomed by Gambia's Supreme Islamic Council, which said Jammeh had taken a "principled stand."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Beautiful Cultural Comtemplation

California court denies request to stay gay marriage ruling

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - The California Supreme Court won't delay implementation of its ruling allowing same-sex marriages. Utah and nine other states had asked the court to stay the decision until after the November election, when California voters will decide on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Wednesday's court decision means same-sex couples in California can get married starting June 17. Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, on behalf of 9 other attorneys general, had asked the court for the stay, saying the states could face "premature, unnecessary" lawsuits. Recognition of same-sex marriage is prohibited by Utah's constitution but the state could face a federal challenge if it decides not to recognize marriages from
More on this story>>>

OBAMA WINS - Will The Real 1st African American President Stand Up

As Senator Hillary Clinton prepares her formal campaign obituary speech for this Saturday, Barack Obama makes history as the first ever African American Presidential nominee of a major party and will be strategizing about how to replace Bill Clinton as (see Tony Morrison) the real first African American President of the United States.

Oprah stated today that "I am euphoric and I have been doing the happy dance all day" and said that she plans to go door to door to help get Obama into the White House. But will it be enough?

Now that Senetor Obama is officially the presumptive nominee, he is under pressure to expand his base. He finished weak in the final half of the primaries, so will he get the predicted bounce in Clinton supporters now that he has won the nomination?

Obama has done very well with wealthy and educated white Americans, African Americans and although he has received support from some in the Latino community, white women, working class and low income whites, what will it take for the majority of these "Hillary constituents" to accept his leadership and help elect him to the Presidency?

And, should Barack pick Hillary for his Vice Presidential running mate? or should he be the one to close the chapter on the Clinton's?


Forgive My Posting Delays

I have been having some computer problems but I am back on.
Thanks all.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Michigan’s Supreme Court ruled on May 7, that the state’s ban on gay marriage makes it illegal for public universities and other entities of state government to provide domestic partner benefits to the partners of gay employees.

The ruling came in a case that has been closely watched because many states in which some public universities offer domestic partner benefits also have bans on gay marriage. The impact in Michigan itself is unclear. After a lower court ruled that the gay marriage ban applies to benefits, some universities switched their benefits programs so that they were available not to domestic partners but to “other eligible individuals,” a category that would include many gay partners, but would also include others who live with but are not legally related to university employees.

Bo Diddley And Yves Saint Laurent Dead

(CNN) -- Bo Diddley, the musical pioneer whose songs, such as "Who Do You Love?" and "Bo Diddley," melded rhythm and blues and rock 'n' roll through a distinctive thumping beat, has died. He was 79.

Diddley died Monday, surrounded by family and loved ones at his home in Archer, Florida, a family spokeswoman said.
The cause was heart failure, his family said.
Complete story at source here>>>

PARIS, France (AP) -- Legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent, who reworked the rules of fashion by putting women into elegant pantsuits that came to define how modern women dressed, died Sunday evening, a longtime friend and associate said. He was 71.
Pierre Berge said Saint Laurent died at his Paris home following a long illness.
A towering figure of 20th century fashion, Saint Laurent was widely considered the last of a generation that included Christian Dior and Coco Chanel and made Paris the fashion capital of the world, with the Rive Gauche, or Left Bank, as its elegant headquarters.
Complete story at source>>>

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New York to recognize out-of-state gay marriages

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Same-sex marriages legally performed elsewhere will be recognized in New York in response to a state court ruling this year, Gov. David Paterson's spokeswoman said Wednesday.

State agencies, including those governing insurance and health care, must immediately change policies and regulations to make sure "spouse," "husband" and "wife" are clearly understood to include gay couples, according to a memo sent earlier this month from the governor's counsel.
Gay marriage is not legal in New York, and the state's highest court, the Court of Appeals, has said it can only be legalized by the Legislature. But the memo, based on a Feb. 1 New York Appellate Division court ruling, would recognize the marriages of New Yorkers who are legally wed elsewhere.

The appellate judges determined that there is no legal impediment in New York to the recognition of a same-sex marriage. The state Legislature "may decide to prohibit the recognition of same-sex marriages solemnized abroad," the ruling said. "Until it does so, however, such marriages are entitled to recognition in New York."

Geraldo Hatin On Obama - Ethnic Notions And Culture Clashes

Anyone who watches news knows that the FOX news network is the most conservative and most republican network on the air.

As a person who always votes, I really do try to understand everyone's perspective. I listen to Democrats, Republicans, Independents, African Americans, Latinos, Whites, Asians, Women, Christians, Muslims, Budhist etc.

But listening to Geraldo Rivera on his FOX show Geraldo At Large reporting from Puerto Rico (where Obama was clobbered by Clinton), it is clear to me that he simply does not like Obama and I would dare to say that he hates him. Listening to him go on ad nauseum about how Obama doesn't have a chance without the Hispanic vote (although everyone knows that the Puerto Rican commonwealth can't vote in the general election), it leads me to ponder just how large the cultural divide is between the Latino and the African American community.

Thank goodness for FOX reporter Major Garrett, who remained unbiased and professional during the report and focused on the facts.

But is Geraldo's reaction to Barack Obama due to a deeper cultural dislike and divide between the African American & Latino communities?


Women And Gay Men flock to "Sex" at box office

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Women (and gay men) flocked to "Sex and the City," the long-awaited romantic comedy based on the HBO series of the same name, sending it to the top spot at the North American box office with better-than-expected weekend sales, distributor Warner Bros. Pictures said on Sunday.

Its $55.7 million opening easily beat expectations of the Time Warner Inc unit had hoped the big-screen version of the series would launch in the $25 million to $35 million range.
Industry observers had assumed that "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" would whip up a second weekend in first place. Instead, the Paramount Pictures adventure was No. 2 with $46 million.
Complete story at source here>>>

50 Cent's House Burns Down Amid Battle with Baby Momma

Los Angeles - A mansion owned by 50 Cent a.k.a Curtis Jackson burned down on Long Island Thursday. The $1.4-million dollar home was the residence of 50’s ex-girlfriend Shaniqua and their son, who were in the house at the time, and were treated in hospital and released for smoke inhalation.

After an off-duty police officer noticed the smoldering estate, all six occupants, where rescued and taken to a hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

The former couple have been battling in court after she filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the rapper.The two were caught in a screaming match by TMZ cameras, Thursday outside of the office of Tompkins’ lawyer, which 50 and friends had reportedly just trashed.

It seems things really heated up over at the multimillion-dollar Long Island home authorities labeled a “highly suspicious” fire. Shaniqua alleges that 50 tried to evict her “unjustly.” Tompkins claims that 50 Cent, promised her the home.

According to her lawyer, Paul Catsandonis, Jackson signed a document granting Tompkins half of all his earnings. He described the dispute with the rapper and his client as “extremely, extremely contentious” and referred to an event as his office on Monday as an “extremely dangerous incident.”

The cause of the fire is under investigation.