Sunday, October 14, 2007

Duane Cramer - Photographer Extraordinaire

Internationally known, San Francisco based photographer Duane Cramer and I have known each other for years and worked together for the first time on the Clik Magazine photo spread and cover story featuring Jonathan Plummer (2006). I really like Duane and have been a huge fan of his work. His 2006 Elegant Tour received rave reviews .

During one of our discussions, I learned that Duane's father died of AIDS and that he is a major supporter of HIV/AIDS issues.

Duane and I were selected as two of Clik Magazine's top 25 Elite at their first awards ceremony held in Atlanta in 2006 and we got to connect a little bit more.

Duane is smart, handsome, sexy, bubbly, CRAZY and easy to work with.
And although Duane has photographed some of the most famous people in the world, he has a unique gift for capturing the physical beauty of men.

I wonder why?

The interview was taped during the early days of Keeping It Real Online TV so our mic's were.....non existent (lol).

Hope all is well Duane and I will be in touch soon.
See my interview with Duane below.


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