Sunday, October 14, 2007

Voguing - Can You Dance To My Beat?

Madonna may have capitalized on "voguing," but she didn't create it.

Watch us get down to this groove

With the Afro-funk feel

While we get high to a rhythm with spiritual appeal

Expressions of freedom from the descendents of slaves

GOD gives us the strength for new horizons we must brave

First bondage, then mental, now financially oppressed

With this beat we dance we know we pass the test

So as you struggle to catch the rhythm with your feet

Ask yourself

Can you dance to my beat?

The Rhythm…the rhythm…the rhythm- is -our –power

The freedom we feel in our soul

We dance to learn those lessons as our story continues to unfold

Our beat our words our melodies are gifts from the givers of those gifts

We’re merely the terminals through which they have passed

So as you struggle to catch the rhythm with your feet

ask yourself

Can you REALLY dance to my beat?

As we dance to a beat that seems out of time

to the one you feel in the metronome of your mind

Does it offend you that our rhythm looks strange?

Or causes your thinking to be re-arranged?

Could it be that you would understand this beat to which we dance

more clearly had you been given a chance.

So as you struggle to find the feel with your feet.

Ask yourself….

Can you really, really, dance to my beat?

See my grainy interview below with the founder of the House of Mizrahi, Andre Mizrahi, in Atlanta after the 2006 Clik Magazine Elite 25 awards.

Dedicated to the legendary Willie Ninja.

Thank you.


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