Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tiger Tyson And What I Learned About Him

Tiger Tyson, the name for many inspires feelings of lust and passion. When I decided to produce Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs California this year, my L.A. friend and Dj, Chris Johnson, said to me "Joe, you need a hook for this first year. You need Tiger Tyson!" I responded by creating the Blatino Erotica Awards.
Tiger is a short guy with a big dick. But more than that, he is a smart and savvy business man who is in touch with what his fans want. Tiger gives a lot of himself, his product and his companies Tiger Tyson Productions & Pitbull Productions and is starting to reap the benefits.
In 2007, his company Pitbull Productions won the GAYVN (Porn Oscars) for their adult film The Show Part I & II.

Tiger was born in Brooklyn New York in 1977 and is an ethnic mix of African-American and Puertorican parents. He went into porn after serving 14 months in prison for Grand Theft Auto. He was recruited by a friend and fellow dancer at a gay club and was introduced to the porn industry in the 1997 film "Sweatin' Black" by film director Enrique Cruz. Shortly afterwards, he starred in his breakthrough film, "Tiger's Brooklyn Tails." In 2000, he formed his own production company Tiger Tyson Productions and the rest is history.

I really wasn't a big Tiger Tyson fan until we began working together about six months ago. A pivotal moment for me came with my recognition of the power of his sex appeal. It happened the morning after Tiger arrived in Palm Springs. I awoke to find him swimming nude at the Helios Resort. I remember being on my cell phone at the time, coordinating the events for the day when Tiger yelled out from the pool, "Hey Joe," when I turned to look, he blew me a kiss and then did a dolphin like dive under the water and as his ass rose high, it spread open exposing each individual hair neatly laid out around his carmel anus.

Needless to say I lost complete focus of my conversation and had to regroup.

Tiger is a consummate professional and very paternal, he really cares about the people closest to him. His credo is "you take care of me and I will take care of you." He has a hard edge, undoubtedly because of his rough New York upbringing and his prison stint.

I really, really, like this guy. I like his raw and real style. Very authentic.

Tiger was the first adult film entertainer to receive our Blatino Erotica Award and he deserves it. He is the epitome of Blatino Male imagery and sexuality.

Tiger also hosted the DL Chronicles after party during the Oakland International Black LGBT Film Festival (that was fun).

See my video interview with him above (Blatino Oasis) and below DL Chronicles After Party footage.

Also check out clubrimshot's historic world premiere and unprecedented public screening of Pitbull films, to include scenes from his new film "Tiger's Eiffel Tower" among other Pitbull favorites at the Parkway Theater in Oakland California on November 8, 2007.

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Love you Tiger and see you next year in Palm Springs Papi.


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