Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Women In My Life - Christiana Remmington and Peggy Moore

Other than my mother, when I think of women that have truly enhanced the quality and value of my life experiences since moving to California almost 20 years ago, the women that come to mind (many are lesbian but not all -disclaimer for the rumor mill and the paranoid) inlcude Cynthia Burnett, Latisha Baker, Chamaine Wofford, Mona Sadberry, Christiana Remmington, Brenda Crawford, Hazel Wesson, Pat Williams, Holland Jordan, Janet Robinson-Bryant, Numbia Aziz, Peggy Moore, Kimi Watkins-Tart, Debra Wilson, Rafiki Rama, Kimberly Jackson, Vanessa Coleman, Adrienne Williams, Lori Williams, Dj Olga T., Dj Rapture, Dj Page Hodel, Dj Colalo, Dj Pam "The Funktress, " Beverly Jackson, Lisa Williams, Gloria Cox Crowell and the women of the NIA Collective.

Other women that I have met or worked with in more recent years like Linda Harrison, Carla Dillard Smith, Dorice McFadden, Jasmyne Cannick, Lucretia Bolin, Lori Dynes and Susanne Borman are pushing the envelope of wealth building, entrepreneurship, politics and personal development here in California and around the world.

And although time and circumstances may have put distance between me and some of these intelligent, beautiful and strong women. These are the kind of women that have in one way or another inspired, encouraged, pushed, advised, supported and shown that they care enough to work with me in order to bring about positive change in our community. I love and appreciate you all and look forward to seeing and working with you again soon.

I will be posting interviews of the people that I have video interviews with soon and will start by introducing you to two of my friends who, like me, are grass roots and very entrepreneureal.

Christiana Remmington of Butterfly Productions and Peggy Moore, who is most known for creating Sister's Steppin' In Pride: East Bay Dyke March, both share my love for Oakland and our LGBT community. All of us are on a mission to make our pressence known here by any means necessary. This first interview is with Christiana who is more like a sister to me.

Christiana is one of the few people in the Bay Area who understands the challenges of producing events for underserved communities such as ours and all of the benefits and drama that come along with nightclub promotions.

This interview was done in early November of 2005, so the parties that I am referring to, Ibiza and Club Rumor, are no longer in existence, however, Butta is still going strong at the Oasis Restaurant and Nightclub and Christiana along with her perennial Dj's Olga T. & Colalo, have even expanded butterfly promotions to San Francisco with a party called THE W. You go Christiana, luv ya'.
See her interview below.

Community activist and entrepreneur Peggy Moore and I used to sit at the coffee shop on Lakeshore Ave in Oakland back in 2000, brainstorming ideas for involving the LGBT community in activities that would increase our profile and political and economic standing here in Oakland. Peggy got busy and created Sistah's Steppin In Pride: East Bay Dyke March. She is now on the board of the newly formed Oakland LGBT Chamber of Commerce. This interview took place in early 2006 during the National Black Justice Coalition event held at the Bates House in Oakland. Keep going "PMO" and you know that I will help however I can.

See her interview below.

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