Sunday, November 4, 2007

Kelly Price at 50 Million Pound Challenge Oaktown

A few weeks ago, Real Talk Producer, Ron Fulcher and I were invited to Dr. Ian's 50 Million Pound Challenge that took place at the beautiful Lake Merritt in Oakland. The event is sponsored by State Farm and featured legendary hip hop artist Slick Rick "The Ruler," Mr. "Vapors" himself, Biz Markie, and R&B Diva, Kelly Price. Now, trying to track Biz Markie down for an interview got to be a bit much because every two seconds he was being called to the stage so...check the video to see what happens while I am interviewing Kelly!

Kelly Price is a wonderful, beautiful person with a very loving spirit and congratulations for losing the weight without losing the curves! Take care Kelly and I will see you again soon.


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