Sunday, November 4, 2007


This Thursday, November 8, I will be presenting an historic film screening at the Parkway Theater in Oakland, California.

No...this won't be a groundbreaking film about the lives of black LGBT people. I do that every year with the Oakland International Black LGBT Film Festival. This screening will be about celebrating the very behavior that many institutions, religions, governments and individuals around the world say is wrong, immoral and in some societies, worthy of death; male homosexuality.

From the Middle East to the American Midwest. From the Carribean to New York and even right here in California, sex between men, to so many folks, is immoral and condemned by GOD.

Homosexual behavior, even in 2007, is so negatively viewed, that it causes too many people in America and around the world, to be filled with extreme self loathing and fear. Fear of losing family and friends, fear of losing their jobs, fear of going to hell. It causes homosexual ministers, priest and politicians, to play footsies in airport bathroom stalls and create mysterious and elaborate "hand jive" sign language in an attempt to have their true sexual desires acknowledged and to find an outlet for the sex that they crave (see more in Rod 2.o).

This film screening is a celebration of one of the least popular, yet completely natural sexual behaviors on the planet. Homosexual Sex.

I have enlisted the help of New York City based film Studio, Pitbull Productions, who has provided us with the content for this screening and my friend, award winning author and poet, Marvin K. White to help to present and conceptualize the screening and its purpose.

HIV/AIDS pushed many homosexual men back in the closet for fear that they would contract the disease if they were out. We can now see that whether you are in or out, if you are not self loving and protecting the self that you claim to love, HIV is waiting for the opportunity to live in you.

So I say, fuck people who believe that we should be killed, or legislated to 2nd and 3rd class status because of who we have sex with. Let's put it out there...on a marquee at the Parkway Theater if we have to. Whatever we do, let's not be afraid to celebrate the blessing that is our sexuality.

See you there.


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