Monday, November 26, 2007


This Thanksgiving weekend I was surprised to see my old friend, the uber sexy "Temptation" who lives in NYC (originally from Europe) in the house at our ClubRimshot party in Oakland.

"Temptation," (I won't say his real name because he might get mad) showed up ready to party with the bruthas (as per usual) and we all had a ball!

He also came to talk with me about his new line of underwear that he will be launching (still under construction) and about working with me on an erotic undergear fashion show featuring some of his designs during Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs, California in May next year.

These pics are all of him modeling some of his designs, but you also have to see the pics of his models (all bruthas) modeling his stuff which will be up on his site soon and they are HOT!

This guy is really a jack of all trades. Besides having his own line of underwear, he used to be a European pop singer, is a stripper/dancer and masseur.

So get ready because I have known this man for a long time and he is about to bring the boiz to Palm Springs to showcase his underwear and they are not playin!

If you guys see him in your travels in NYC, Miami, or the him some love.

Great seeing you again "Temptation" and I will talk to you real soon.

You can reach temptation at


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Anonymous said...

i love his website and his products. why not have link to his website on your website and vice versa??