Friday, December 7, 2007


Just 20 minutes outside of the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area is a small city called Vallejo, which has an African American population almost exactly equal to its white population, according to census data.

Mark Cloutier, 45, is a white gay city Councilman who was running neck and neck with African American real estate attorney and former Solano County Supervisor, Osby Davis, 62.

The drama first began with premature reports that the Vallejo city councilman had won and had become the city's first openly gay mayor by four votes on Tuesday, just hours after apologizing for his weekend arrest for public intoxication after drinking too much at a bar in Palm Springs, California.

Cloutier's African American opponent, Osby Davis, used $10,000 dollars of his own money (raised with community support) to pay for a re-count which ended with him winning the election by 3 votes, making him the city's first Black Mayor.

Maybe old boy Mark Cloutier should have saved the partying in Palm Springs for after the elections.
See video below.


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