Friday, January 18, 2008


The Bay Area Reporter, a San Francisco based news zine, recently reported that San Francisco's black community continues to decline at alarming rates as an increasing amount of African Americans move out of town. According to 2006 census estimates, there were only 51,000 African Americans living in San Francisco, accounting for just 7 percent of the city's population.
Yet African Americans accounted for 14 percent of the city's new HIV diagnoses last year, a rate that has remained stable for close to a decade. Black people living with HIV and AIDS last year totaled 2,146, or 14 percent of the total number of PWAs in San Francisco.
HIV researchers estimate African Americans comprise 8 percent of the city's more than 58,000 gay and bi men, about 4,439 in total. Whites are estimated to make up 65 percent of the total, at about 38,049 men who have sex with men. More on this story>>>>

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