Thursday, January 10, 2008

Relationship Advice from DL Chronicles Creators

The creators of the DL Chronicles, Quincy LeNear & Deondray Gossett have created a new interactive myspace relationship service designed to:

Encourage SAFE monogamous partnerships and/or sex.

Keep it real - cause it ain't always peaches and cream.

Keep it fun - because laughter goes a long way.

Provide practical and working, real life advice for new and struggling relationships.

The two say that they decided to create the forum and talk show because "as we traveled with the DL Chronicles, people have constantly been fascinated by the fact that we have been in a 11yr relationship, although, we are relatively young. We receive hundreds of e-mails and Myspace message asking relationship advice, coping with their sexuality, and good ole sex. We realize that we serve to be an example for all LGBT men of color and we are willing to talk candidly and honestly about what it takes to keep it together through thick and thin."

Are you ready to learn what it takes to be in a serious and monogamous relationship? Then let Quincey & Deondray give you the skinny on "The OUTside of Relationships."


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