Friday, February 1, 2008


Actress MO'NIQUE IMES star of the Oxygen Network's FAT CHANCE has hit out at claims made by her ex-fiance that she smokes and deals drugs and once threatened to have him killed. Marvin Dawson, 28, dated the 40-year-old star of U.S. TV show The Parkers until she ditched him in 2003 because of his criminal record that included theft, gun and drug possession charges.

But Dawson claims Imes is a hypocrite, telling the National Enquirer, "Not only was she an avid marijuana user, but she also did cocaine. And what's worse, she began making money dealing coke." Dawson also accuses her of tax evasion and adds that when they broke up, "Mo'Nique threatened my life. She said if I ever told anyone about her lifestyle, she'd hire someone to kill me." Dawson claims he is planning to write a book about his life with the star. But Imes' lawyer Warren Brown has hit back: "Marvin Dawson has no credibility - he's a nut. "If she was dealing in kilos of cocaine, the DEA (drugs enforcement agency) should have her on their suspects list. See if they have anything on her. That's dumb."

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