Friday, February 15, 2008

School Shootings Since Columbine

Steve Kazmierczak has been identified as the shooter on the Northern Illinois campus that fatally shot five students and then later turned the gun on himself. The shooting spree could have been worse; NIU President John Peters said a total of 22 people were shot (5 fatally) in all, including the gunman. All of the gunman's victims were students.

The frequency of School shootings in America continues to increase across a broad range of ethnic and socioeconomic groups, although most of the gunman have been white males. There have been 24 school shootings since 1999, including Columbine.

1. Columbine High School massacre
Littleton, Colorado, United States
April 20, 1999

2. Heritage High School shooting
Conyers, Georgia, United States
May 20, 1999

3. Buell Elementary School shooting
Mount Morris Township, Michigan, United States
February 29, 2000

4. Santana High School shooting
Santee, California, United States
March 5, 2001

5. Granite Hills High School shooting
El Cajon, California

March 22, 2001

6. Appalachian School of Law shooting
Grundy, Virginia, United States
January 16, 2002

7. John McDonogh High School Shooting
New Orleans, LA
, United States
April 14, 2003

8. Red Lion Area Junior High School shootings
Red Lion, Pennsylvania, United States
April 24, 2003

9. Case Western Reserve University shooting
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
May 9, 2003

10. Rocori High School shootings
Cold Spring, Minnesota, United States
September 24, 2003

11. Red Lake High School massacre
Red Lake, Minnesota, United States
March 21, 2005

12. Campbell County High School shooting
Jacksboro, Tennessee
November 8, 2005

13. Pine Middle School shooting
Reno, Nevada, United States
March 14, 2006

14. Platte Canyon High School shooting
Bailey, Colorado, United States
September 27, 2006

15. Weston High School shooting
Cazenovia, Wisconsin
September 29, 2006

16. Amish school shooting
Nickel Mines, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States
October 2, 2006

17. Virginia Tech massacre
Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
April 16, 2007

18. Delaware State University shooting
Dover, Delaware, United States
September 21, 2007

19. SuccessTech Academy shooting
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
October 10, 2007

20. Louisiana State University Shooting
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
December 13, 2007

21. Notre Dame Elementary shooting
Portsmouth, Ohio, United States
February 7, 2008

22. Louisiana Technical College Shooting
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
February 8, 2008

23. E.O. Green Junior High School shooting
Oxnard, California, United States
February 12, 2008

24. Northern Illinois University shooting
DeKalb, Illinois, United StatesFebruary 14, 2008

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