Sunday, February 10, 2008

This Black Gay Man Is Out For Obama

One Black Gay Man’s Decision To
Vote For Barack Obama

Super Tuesday exit polls showed that nationally Black voters of either gender went overwhelmingly to the Obama camp. In all, 85 percent of black men and 80 percent of black women voted for Obama.

Yesterday I spoke with two dear friends who are African Americans that voted for Senator Clinton; both of them are also gay men. One of my friends is in his early 30’s and lives in San Francisco, and the other is in his early 40’s and lives in Los Angeles.

When I asked my friend in his 30’s why he voted for Hillary Clinton, his response was that he liked Hillary and believed that she has the experience to lead the nation. When I asked my friend in his 40’s why he voted for Hillary, his response was that he believed that Clinton would benefit from her husband’s experience to help lead the nation. In both of these instances, the Clinton “experience” issue played a key roll in the decisions of these black men to vote for Senator Clinton.

My question to both of them was and still is; why didn’t Hillary bring her experience to the table when she voted yes on the war? And if former President Bill Clinton’s “supportive” roll as her husband is being used to justify a vote for Hillary, did he advise her to vote for or against the war?
Is a politician who makes good judgment decisions more valuable to our future than an “experienced” politician who maintains the status quo?

My San Francisco friend’s only response to my question was “Well, I wasn’t going to vote for him just because he is black.” I never said anything about voting for Obama because he is “black,” but since he mentioned it, I asked him did he see the exit polls for white women. After he said no, I informed him that in all, 59 percent of white women said they had voted for Clinton, versus 35 percent who said they had voted for Obama. Did these women vote for Hillary because she is a woman and white? It is very likely that gender and race played a significant roll in their decision.

And let’s be real, as a white woman, Hillary already has the “experience” advantage over any person of color because up until now, not only has no person of color ever been President or Vice President, no woman of color has had the opportunity to be in her position as a former first lady because no white man would have been elected to the presidency unless he was married to a white woman.

What I find interesting about my discussion with my friends is that women, and in particular white women, understand the historic significance of finally having a presidential candidate that is a woman and supported Senator Clinton with their votes. I understand that most of us are independent, free thinking individuals who should vote however we feel. But did the black men who voted for Clinton not understand when they went to the polls, that they might not ever in their lifetime have another chance to vote for a viable black presidential candidate who has broad support from the American people?

Another powerful aspect of Barack Obama's candidacy is that he has been able to gain the support of the most diverse voting block in recent history. Overall, white men were favoring Obama by 47 percent, women 42 percent, and of voters under the age of 29, 56 percent said they had voted for Barack Obama.

A recent “Super Tuesday” CNN survey stated that among those who said one of the candidates could bring about change, more than two-thirds (66 percent) said it was Obama. Fewer than a third (31 percent) cited Clinton.

There are two things that I believe Americans want the most; change and a feeling of unity. It’s time for Barack Obama.

Joe Hawkins
Cuppa Joe

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Green blooded man said...

Wow, it scares me think that just as whites could not but see racial differences in anything and everything, the more elite and black people of power and influence are doing just the same ...
Everyone tends to stick to their own ... so we outlawed "apartheid" yet I find that blacks, especially in South AFrica now, tend to be doing exactly the same thing ... Apartheid is just changing color ... so interesting ... probably so natural ... I thank God that I am spiritually blind to color. I see only hearts and souls. Wish the world could change but it seems it will not until we've all interbred and only one color and one race exists.
Shame on all you racists, both black and white.

Joe Hawkins said...

Your response is so very typical, naive and inaccurate.
Have you compared the demographics of South Africa with America?

America is about 12% black and South Africa is majority black.
Apartheid was based on a racist system that allowed the minority of immigrant white people absolute rule over indigenous blacks.

Seeing only "hearts and souls" is very pollyanna of you and it is preventing you from seeing and accepting the beauty found in the diversiy of the human species and in nature in general.

I am very thankful that we are not just one color. The revolution of human evolution will be in our ability to accept and love ourselves and people who are different and not the same as ourselves.

Hitler already tried your vision of the future for the human race.

Shame on you for incorrectly labeling self empowerment and self determination as "racist" because of your own personal frustrations.
Shame on you for simplifying the matter and expressing a myopic view of what America needs.

Shame on you for not paying attention.