Tuesday, February 12, 2008

WARNING Valentine's Day Email Virus

A virus posing as a Valentine's Day message has been spammed to email recipients in a global campaign.

The Dref-AB worm attaches itself to emails with subject lines including "Be My Valentine" and "Happy Valentines Day," in an attempt to entice users into clicking on a malicious attachment, which activates the virus.The worm is designed to download further malicious code onto the user’s computer, allowing hackers to take control of the machine and create a botnet, according to researchers.

Researchers warned earlier this week that attackers would try to take advantage of Valentine's Day by using social engineering techniques to get PC users to download malware. The worm is attached to the email in executable files, including flash postcard.exe and greeting card.exe, and has accounted for more than three-quarters of all malware detected by anti-virus vendor Sophos since Tuesday evening.

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