Thursday, March 27, 2008


What the fuck is this?
This is one of the most bizarre, hateful, and self-hating pastors that I have ever heard. And watching this mentally ill man attempt to explain his dumb ass sermon about Barack Obama on FOX News today, was further proof that he needs to be committed. Just see the test pattern looks on the faces of the members of his congregation in the video below. Looking at the video, I was surprised that they didn't throw a net over this man and drag his crazy ass away.
See video below.


hjay said...

This is very sad. Why did you post this trash? It should not be spead around out side his sad church. Please Joe, thke this off your blog.

gemini72 said...

I think it is unfortunate that under the thin veil of "the word of God" someone can spew such hatred. His rhetoric is filled with name calling and I am uncertain about his goal in delivering such a "sermon." I am curious if his sermons are similar to this in every church service....I also think about my own past (growing up in a VERY religious family) and if I would recognize the virulent tone if this was the only religious experience I had been exposed to...thanks for posting this challenging vid...