Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ex-Aide Claims 3-Way Affair With McGreeveys

If the divorce between former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey and his estranged wife isn't ugly enough now the governor's former aide and driver, Teddy Pedersen, says in a published report Dina Matos McGreevey must have known her husband was gay.

Pedersen tells The New York Post he had weekly ménage-a-trois with the couple inside their Woodbridge Condo before and after they got married.

In a statement, McGreevey confirms Pedersen's story, saying, "This happened, this happened in the past, and now we need to move on with our lives.

For all of our sakes, particularly our daughter, we need to close this chapter and look toward the future." The owner of a health club says Pedersen met the McGreevy's at his gym while working the front desk. "When Jim was in the mayor's office, I saw teddy around but nothing out of the ordinary," Ray Zirpolo said. "There was nothing in the relationship you would have seen here that you would have known."Matos McGreevey has insisted she had no idea her husband was gay. No one answered the door at her home Monday.

She told The Associated Press Pedersen's story is untrue. Pedersen reportedly dubbed the encounters "Friday Night Specials" because they started after drinks at a TGI Fridays. Published reports say he had contact with Dina as the former governor watched and that trysts ended once McGreevey became governor. "He said I assume it's true at face value," Zirpolo said. "It's kind of sad I guess."Matos McGreevey and her estranged husband are due back in court on Thursday. Pedersen says he didn't even want to talk about this whole thing until Matos McGreevey subpoenaed him and began commenting on the Eliot Spitzer scandal. McGreevey says her estranged husband put Pederson up to this.

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