Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flash Back - WE ARE ONE - Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly

Barack Obama's message of hope and unity may be falling on many deaf ears since the fallout of his recent controversy, but his message is so clear to me and I think that the R&B band Maze sang about this truth very eloquently in the words of their 1983 song that I have added below, "WE ARE ONE." Whether you are a Woman or a Man, Gay or Straight, Black, White, Latino, Asian, Christian, Jewish, Catholic or Muslim, we are all one human race. Some people never experience what it feels like to know this truth. This doesn't mean that you have a pollyanna view of the world or that racism, sexism, homophobia or any of the many other "isms" don't exist, it just means that you have seen another reality and once you have seen it, you can't deny it. Many refuse to open their minds to experiencing this truth because they are so invested in their pain or so full of anger, hate, and fear that they are blind to the fact. I believe that the ultimate transformation of mankind will be when we all learn how to not pass down to our children the practice of division through discrimination. WE ARE ONE.


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