Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rolling Stone Endorses Obama And Time Magazine Calls Hillary A Fighter

Barack Obama has the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, but Hillary Clinton gets Time.
Both Democratic contenders get rather flattering billing. Rolling Stone declares Obama "A New Hope" and Time calls Clinton "The Fighter."

Which pretty much sums up their core messages at this stage of the nomination fight, which shows no sign of ending soon after Clinton's comeback on Tuesday.
And the demographics of each magazine's readers probably fits each candidate as well -- younger and more upscale for Rolling Stone, more middle-America for Time.

In Rolling Stone's endorsement of Obama, editor and publisher Jann S. Wenner calls him a politician with rare gifts who "can unite a deeply divided nation" and appeals to the "better angels" in Americans.

In one of the articles in Time, Joe Klein reports that one reason for Clinton's resurgence is that "tiny fissures were starting to appear in Obama's shining armor."

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