Saturday, March 1, 2008

Stripper K-Rock Is Dead

I have just received two messages that well known black gay stripper Serapis Kephra better known as "K-Rock" of Atlanta Georgia is now dead.

See the comments section of this posting regarding the controversy about the possible cause(s) of death.

I have posted a video of K-rock below performing during the Ebony Pyramid Cruise. Christopher Ford of has also posted a video tribute in his honor.

His funeral is scheduled for Friday, March 7 at 1:00pm at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Thank you for sharing your beauty with us and you will be missed.


Bruh said...

I wonder how accurate the info
was from those sources. Anytime
any of "us" passes, now, AIDS
will be the first thing thought.
I saw cancer, somewhere else.
Regardless of h-o-w he died, he
was a genuine and cool Brotha,
well-liked by many. He will be

RIP, K-Rock...

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

I agree Bruh ...

When we go, at a relatively young age, the 'A' word always becomes part of the equation.

Sad. RIP ...

Anonymous said...

Cancer not aids.

Flava said...

"Preliminary sources say that his death was due to AIDS related complications."

Why post this statement? The cause of death was cancer and you only insult Serapis' family, friends and supporters by adding that comment. Joe, we expect more from you as a leader in the Black gay community.

Joe Hawkins said...

Dear Flava,

I received my information from a source that was close to K-Rock and who knows me. I posted that "preliminary reports" to me were that he died of complications related to HIV/AIDS. I did not say he in fact died of the disease.
You also missed the fact that I also posted tributes to him and my statement about how his beauty will be missed. I don't know who you are, but if you really knew me then you would know that I am not the type who would be attempting in any way to live up to your expectations of my "leadership" in the community. I have my own.
I am just doing me.
I have worked very hard for over twenty years to help black people straight and LGBT regardless of what other people think of me.
If, as you say, he in fact died of non-hiv related cancer, than he died of cancer and my source was wrong. I have no problems with admitting that. But don't scold me by placing me atop your judgmental pedestal of expectations. I am human and therefore subject to error.

Andre J. Allen II said...

you shouldnt have edited your orginally piece you should have kept to ya guns and not let "Controversial" comments. get to u. Every black gay man doesnt die of AIDS and i really do wonder who your "sources" were.

Joe Hawkins said...

Dear Andre J. Allen II
My posting regarding this issue is very clear and anyone reading the comments section of my blog will get to read the relevant comments and get the gist of the story. My comments remain unedited.

And in response to that last mean spirited, adolescent comment of yours that I didn't post, it is your perogative to wonder about my sources and to question the validity of any story on this blog or on the www for that matter.

A very close friend of K-Rocks contacted me and asked me to not mention that K-Rock might have died of AIDS related complications in the main entry of my blog because people might take it as fact, even though I described it as a preliminary report. So, I did. But I wanted my readers to know that this posting did not go without "controversy" yes...look it up in the dictionary. There is nothing new about reporting what sources close to a person have stated about a particular situation, even if it turns out later to be false.

If you don't like how I handle requests about postings on "MY" blog, then don't read it.


Alan said...

It has come to my attention, after speaking with a few friends in the Atlanta community,that K-Rock, the sexy stripper from Atlanta, died of AIDS related Leukemia(Hodkinson's Disease). This kind of lymphatic cancer is common, particular in African American Males who have AIDS.

Alan said...

I am reading the comments posted by some, and I have to say that many still refuse to accept the fact the people still die from AIDS, or ARC's today. While folks try to be kind and not divulge too much information, yet, people close o the source will aways leak information.

We regret the fact that Serapis(K-Rock) passed from what has been said to those close to the source, as an AIDS related complex, Leukemia(Hodkinson's Disease) which is common in African American Males who have AIDS. I have a personal friend who nearly died from it several years ago, and had to go through very long periods of treatment, to send it into remission. Luckily, he made it...many don't survive this very aggressive cancer.

So, while we are careful not to jump the gun on things, this information was already avaliable to many who know.

We salute the life of this sexy young man, and regardless of the profession he chose, he was a very kind hearted, warm, approachable individual, who leaves to mourn family, friends, his dance Troupe who were all close to him, and who respected him, one of which I am personal friends with, and a host of well wishers.

Let's take this as a wake up call to all of us who are SGL. We can live and be healthy, providing we make the right choices for life, health, and happiness...

markerles said...

Do you people relaize who many of our beautiful black brothers die of AIDS related complications each year? NO...because we kept covering up the facts and sugar coating the truth. Therefore everyone that may have been infected thinks "I'm okay, he didn't have it." Thus the saga continues and so does the disease.

Alan said...


I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. It makes my heart sad that people, our Black Brothers, are still living in denial, while leading the numbers in those still dying from AIDS. This can be avoided, but many won't get tested, won't get into Primary Care, won't take their meds, WILL continue risky and risque behaviour, and expect to live and be healthy, to continue these acts, while infecting countless other men and women.

It goes without saying that we will lose another decade of brothers within the next 7-10 years, at the rate we are going.

Marcus said...

Wow.. this news just hit me like a ton of bricks.. I was just thinking about our last project together just yesterday!

K-Rock was definitely one of the sweetest guys I have gotten to work with.. As a photographer, I can tell you, he was just born to perform. He was brought to me by a friend, hitting it off so easily with his laid by style. I had no idea what i was in for when he began to work with the camera. I was kept on my toes the entire time.. his energy and personality, and flare for performance just shown through like a breath of fresh air!

The photo up at the top was from our shoot a couple years ago. His entire troup got together over a weekend and we shot for hours! I was fortunate to be able to put the collection together in a book just recently. There is also video footage to follow soon for those interested in seeing what his personality was like in real life.

This link will take you to the preview of the book, and also highlight a handful of his other fellow dancers that made the K-Rock productions so spectacular!

Alan said...


What wonderful work you've done with these Guys..Vishus, K-Rock, Devious...all who I am very familiar with. I hope Texas was with them also,. He's a personal friend of mine.

I will be purchasing. I need this in my collection.

Anonymous said...

Death is never untimely..
His Spirit Lives On!

I would just like to encourage all black gay men reading this post to know their HIV status. This is one of the consequences of engaging in unsafe sexual behavior with men we love. Everyone living in any major US city knows the numbers--you see it all around you. Others who posted comments have reacted as if
HIV/AIDS is spread if you just mention it. This paranoid stigma only infuses the dishonesty among the ill-informed.

K-Rock worked in the "sex" entertainment business not the porn industry. He sold the illusion of sexual intimacy without engaging in the act. However he lived his private life did not spill onto the stage but it is apparent just like the many black men that departed with similar circumstances that a decision somewhere during his journey should have been made(you know the "circuits" in NYC,ATL, LA, Miami,DC,Chicago, etc).

Anonymous said...

It doesnt really matter what my friend died of he is gone and that is all that matters, concern yourselves with what you have going on and not on things that are not your business. if you were important you would not have to wonder or speculate you would know for sure.


Mr.Mike said...

Prayers To K-Rock's Family During These Hard Time! Much Love!

Anonymous said...

This comment is a reply to Alan’s initial comment. First, my condolences go out the family, and friends of K-Rock. I did not know him, never seen him preformed. I somehow stumble upon this blog.

As a medical doctor who specializes in cancer and cancer research and whom lives in Atlanta. I have to correct the posting made by Alan which he said “died of AIDS related Leukemia(Hodkinson's Disease). This kind of lymphatic cancer is common, particular in African American Males who have AIDS.” This is an invalid statement and comment!!
The first in correction is: “Hodkinson’s” Alan is actually referring to NHL or HL also knows as Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. NHL is more common and incurs more often than HL. Men (not African American men) have a greater chance of being diagnose with NHL over woman. NHL is a cancer of the cells in your lymphatic system. It’s when you have an overage of abnormal cell growth. Typically people with autoimmune disease or taking medication (usually after an organ transplant) that weaken the immune system have a greater chance or being diagnosis as NHL. That is the relationship between NHL and AIDS. AIDS weakens your immune system. So many times when your immune system is not able to kill off bad cells that then cause an overage of cells in your lymphatic system. BUT NHL is not a direct result of AIDS. Like all cancers the cause of NHL is not known typically genetic, and environment exposure.

There is not a disease that I am aware of name “Hodkinson’s” Also, keep in mind Leukemia (and not Leukema); AIDS, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma are four different diseases. While all 4 disease attack your infrastructure (immune system). Their causes, treatment, and physicians are all different. So, lets please be educated and informed when we place generalizes like this out on a public blog. I realize were not all medical doctors but at least do the research before you subject other readers to invalid and misinforming information which in legal terms is “slandering.” Thanks MD

Anonymous said...

To his significant other devious we are here for you

zipp said...

The brief You Tube clip shows what a sensational dancer K-Rock was. I'd love to see more of him .. a longer clip, or more of the show, or indeed any other video'd shows of his, as well as other hot male black stripper/dancers. Does anyone know where I can see more of K-Rock and others like him .. for example, on a pay-per-view site? Thanks!