Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Warren Buffett And Bill Gates Top Rich White People List

Now that we know that white men still have the most wealth in the world (again) and that Warren Buffet knocked Bill Gates off his proverbial tuffet.

Although I was not too surprised to learn that no "Black/African" person made the Forbes richest people in the world list, I must say that it was quite sobering to review the pictorial of the Forbes top 400 richest people in America.

Not one black male made the list of the 390 people displayed on Forbes website, and Oprah was the only black woman coming in at #165.

This is the real story of the election and America and shows that white people including white women in America (like Hillary Clinton) are a very powerful force against a relatively speaking, poor black man. Shit, white women helped make Oprah a billionaire! Barack Obama should be very proud of his success given the odds against him winning the democratic nomination.

Below, see the ethnic makeup of the Forbes 390 (since the pictures stopped there):

Breakdown of the Top 400 Richest People In America:

White men - All the rest
White Women - 15
Black Women - 1
Asian - 7 (all men)
India - 3 (all men)
Israeli - 3 (all men)
Latin - 2 (all men)
Middle Eastern - 1 (male)

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