Friday, April 4, 2008


Sorry that I didn't post anything about the party/fundraiser that we promoted in San Francisco with Demarco Majors and the SF Rockdogs sooner. The party was packed, very diverse, and sexy as hell. I was eating jello shots like they were candy and ended up having to leave after the fashion show because I was ripped.

The swimwear/underwear competition included members of the SF Rockdogs baskeball team with each team member competing for the crowds screams boy Demarco won! The pictures here were taken that night.

You guys will get to see the competition once the show airs and I will also be making a cameo appearance.

One of the many things that I noticed about Demarco that night is that he is a completely different person when the spotlight is on him. Normally, he is cool, chill, laid back. But once it was his turn to compete, I didn't recognize him and let me tell you...that boy will give a stripper a run for their money cause his ass can dance!

The team is wrapping up taping and San Francisco and off to Chicago for the championship game.

We have numerous pictures from this event, however, I will not post them here until after the reality show airs on MTV-Logo this summer. All I have to say is the guys were sexy as hell.

I can't wait to see what Demarco will be wearing (or not wearing) at Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs next month....YUMMY!


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