Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally A Short Breather And Some Pics From Blatino Oasis

Whew!...I finally feel like I can take a breather. It seems as if I have been producing events constantly and trying to attend as many events as my middle aged body can possibly stand without collapsing!

My photographer Adam finally got me the pictures that he took during Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs last month (see my pic to the left and pics below) and I have just a few to share with you. The more XXX pics will be posted on our gallery page soon. My girl Holland and I (yes a woman) are already preparing for next year's event May 8-11.

After producing Blatino Oasis, I rushed back to the Bay to lock down a San Francisco Pride party (see posting before this one) and a new monthly San Francisco boy party (PLAYBOYZ).

I then hooked up with my girl Deb (women rule!) who co-coordinates the 6th Annual Oakland International Black LGBT Film Festival with me to keep that on track for August...all while running my consulting business.

And if you have ever wondered why I wear sunglasses (night and day), I will offer two reasons; During the daytime, the California sun is so intense that my eyes can barely stay open because of the glare (i feel like a vampire) and secondly, I am usually so tired that the bags beneath my eyes are way too prominent to go without my stunna shades...not cute.

But all in all....I love doing these events for you guys and I am so damned appreciative that you have shown up for well over a decade. I promise to keep taking you all on a journey. If you have advice on something that you would like to see....hit me up at
and I will see what I can do!

I hope that you enjoy the pictures below and I hope that you will plan early and come to be with us at the 3rd Annual Blatino Oasis 2009 in Palm Springs's time that you did something different!

Peace & Much Love!
Joe Hawkins

See Pics Above From Blatino Oasis 2008!


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