Sunday, June 1, 2008

Geraldo Hatin On Obama - Ethnic Notions And Culture Clashes

Anyone who watches news knows that the FOX news network is the most conservative and most republican network on the air.

As a person who always votes, I really do try to understand everyone's perspective. I listen to Democrats, Republicans, Independents, African Americans, Latinos, Whites, Asians, Women, Christians, Muslims, Budhist etc.

But listening to Geraldo Rivera on his FOX show Geraldo At Large reporting from Puerto Rico (where Obama was clobbered by Clinton), it is clear to me that he simply does not like Obama and I would dare to say that he hates him. Listening to him go on ad nauseum about how Obama doesn't have a chance without the Hispanic vote (although everyone knows that the Puerto Rican commonwealth can't vote in the general election), it leads me to ponder just how large the cultural divide is between the Latino and the African American community.

Thank goodness for FOX reporter Major Garrett, who remained unbiased and professional during the report and focused on the facts.

But is Geraldo's reaction to Barack Obama due to a deeper cultural dislike and divide between the African American & Latino communities?


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gemini72 said...

I think the rift is manufactured....and unfortunately Geraldo has accepted the misguided notion that a rift exists.