Friday, June 20, 2008


It has been a long time in the making and after almost two years and numerous setbacks, the club formerly known as "Cables Reef" will emerge as Oakland's hot new gay nightclub "Vibe Lounge."

Lesbian couple Susan Boreman and her partner Lori Dynes have put both of their hearts and souls into making their dream a reality.

I was fortunate to have been taken on a tour of the Vibe about a month ago during the final construction phase and I am sure that they have spared no expense to make our community proud and to provide us with a permanent happy hour and nightclub party spot for years to come.

Oakland's club scene has languished for years, even when Cables Reef was open, it was pretty run down. And although the Bench & Bar club and the White Horse club are gay clubs in Oakland, they don't really cater to the African American community. Not to say that the Vibe Lounge will only cater to African Americans, but since one of the owners (Lori Dynes) is Black and her partner Susan is very supportive of the Black community, I am sure that the Vibe will be very welcoming to our community.

For years I have produced monthly events for men througout the Bay Area, and will continue to do so, I am so happy that Oaklander's won't have to wait until a monthly event happens or travel to San Francisco every week just to get our groove on!

I will be attending a special event at the Vibe tonight and will be also attending the Grand Opening tomorrow on Saturday, June 21st!
Join us as we celebrate Oakland's newest gay institution!


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kinnari kreme said...

loved it! my friend took me on friday night and it was a blast!

we played a video game version of "whack a mole" with mccain vs obama.

haha! the woman before me scored 478! i scored 30 (kept accidentally hitting the wrong candidate!)

deejay was great, clientele was hip, mixed drinks were good and the decor was classy minimalist. loved it!

will def go back!!!