Thursday, June 5, 2008

OBAMA WINS - Will The Real 1st African American President Stand Up

As Senator Hillary Clinton prepares her formal campaign obituary speech for this Saturday, Barack Obama makes history as the first ever African American Presidential nominee of a major party and will be strategizing about how to replace Bill Clinton as (see Tony Morrison) the real first African American President of the United States.

Oprah stated today that "I am euphoric and I have been doing the happy dance all day" and said that she plans to go door to door to help get Obama into the White House. But will it be enough?

Now that Senetor Obama is officially the presumptive nominee, he is under pressure to expand his base. He finished weak in the final half of the primaries, so will he get the predicted bounce in Clinton supporters now that he has won the nomination?

Obama has done very well with wealthy and educated white Americans, African Americans and although he has received support from some in the Latino community, white women, working class and low income whites, what will it take for the majority of these "Hillary constituents" to accept his leadership and help elect him to the Presidency?

And, should Barack pick Hillary for his Vice Presidential running mate? or should he be the one to close the chapter on the Clinton's?


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