Thursday, July 3, 2008


I went to see Hancock last night and you can tell it's that time of year: Will Smith season. And the the King of July 4th has another smash hit on his hands with Hancock, costarring Oscar winner Charlize Theron and funnyman Jason Bateman.

This is the only major release at the box office over the holiday weekend, and every studio clears a path because, no doubt about it, he's one of the No. 1 movie stars in the world.

In a summer of superheroes, you also have to admire actor-turned-director Peter Berg for bringing us an entirely new character, who doesn't have to cater to both fanboys and mass audiences, or worry about staying true to the source material.
This movie was funny and unpredictiable and although the special effects were nothing new, the storyline is unique.


patrick said...

Hancock looks like interesting spin on the latest superhero movie craze... if nothing else at least Will Smith tends to be pretty funny

Anonymous said...

I think we should begin a campaign to make Charlize Theron the new Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie!