Sunday, July 20, 2008

How Do You Feel About Your Penis Size?

When founding editor of Vibe Vibe Magazine Poulson-Bryant came out with his book "Hung: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America " (2006 Half Moon Publishing),

he was simultaneously criticized and lauded for challenging prevailing stereotypes about what it means to be a black man.

I remember watching Oprah and her special report on Men with Dr. Oz. According to the statistics presented, the average penis size of black men is one inch longer than that of white and hispanic men. And asian men, on average, have smaller penis's than the groups mentioned above.

Now, this does not mean that black men don't have small penises and that asian men don't have large ones. What it does mean is that, for one reason or another, size does matter.

The Ego is the part of the brain that either says in your mind, “I am wonderful”, or “I am
garbage.” The “Id” is the part of your brain that says “I want food, water, sex etc.” Given the statistical averages, I wonder if Asian American men with dicks eight inches or larger experience an increased sense of positive self confidence? And do African American men with dicks that are six inches or smaller, suffer from low self esteem?

Sigmund Freud, the father of Psychiatry, said that men had a sexual thought consciously or subconsciously every 3 seconds. This would suggest that men also think about their penis's during this time as well. And if you are gay, if you are not thinking of your penis, you might be thinking of someone else's.

With an increasing number of penis enlargement products and erectile dysfunction aides on the market (fueled by mail insecurity), our penis's have become big business (pun intended).

How important is your penis size (or that of others) to you?

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