Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesse Jackson Wants Obama's Nuts

WASHINGTON - In a vulgar tirade caught on tape by Fox News, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said he wanted to "cut his [Barack Obama's] nuts out" and he accused the fellow Chicagoan of "talking down to black folks" by giving moral lectures to African-Americans, source said Jackson's shocking quotes were picked up by a hot mic before an interview on health care in Fox's Chicago studio last Sunday.

Shame on you Jesse Jackson, smiling in Barack's face and stabbing him in his back, how Judas of you. If the great civil rights activist Jesse Jackson isn't immune to black on black jealousy and hate, what should we be expecting from young black people in America.
See video clip below.

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Moanerplicity said...

Instead of being PROUD of the legacy he helped to forge for younger Black men like Barack to carry the torch even further, Jesse chooses instead to be filled with such obvious animosity.

As Amiri Baraka asked in a poem long ago:

are we so
sick and

That question still begs for an answer.