Sunday, August 10, 2008

Joe Boxer Actor/Model Stars In Disturbing AIDS Film

In a recent report issued by the CDC, it is estimated that 250,000 people may be living with HIV and not know it.
Cut to Vaughn Lowery, the cute and sexy Detroit native who bunnie hopped and "Boxer Boogied" his way into the hearts of America in the popular Joe Boxer Ad (see below). We will see a very different side of this adorable, baby faced actor in the film short "The Young & Evil." Directed by Julian Breece, the film tells an erie story of a seductive young man who is on the path to self destruction and determined to expose himself to HIV (and anything else) as much as possible. The film will screen on Saturday, August 16, at 3pm, at the 6th Annual Oakland International Black LGBT Film Festival.
See trailer below.



Anonymous said...

The Young and Evil (2009 Official Selection of the Sundance Film Festival)

jada said...

it's going to be in sundance '09