Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paulo Pascoal - Beyond Beautiful

Model, Actor, Singer, Paulo Pascoal was born in Africa and raised around the world. This chocolate beauty was on his way to becoming a priest when he had a change of heart and headed to NYC.

Learn about Paulo in his own words.

"Geez... I enjoy... living at edgy extremes, exploring risks and FUN People... think i've lived several lives in one Lifetime: Once i was a kid from Africa, today i help them have the same opportunities that i did. I lived during the War and saw people being killed, including my Father.

As a teen, I began studying to be a Priest in Spain, but after 6 years of study, it didn't quite work out.

I've been a rebel and i've been to jail! I've been a Saint but i know i'm going to Hell!

Barely an adult, I attended two great schools in NYC and went from architecture to accidental model, from back up dancer to singer, from tie designer to screen-writer, from soap-opera actor to big screen features, they're all different shades of the same thing: ART.

I'm tall and short, rich and poor, black and white, male... uhm... no never female! But i could work that out...haha... confusing?? Call it Diverse!

I'm over exposed in some places, in others I'm just the unknown... then I have Fun!

I'll be good at all that I do cuz I'm Lucky. "Luck: is when preparation meets opportunity"... and damn... I'm READY! I was lost but now I'm found, i'll be lost again one day and you'll find me!"

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Jason said...

WOW, the way he discrebed himself is the most amazing thing! I'm in LOVE, can't wait to find him!