Tuesday, September 2, 2008

POOR, PITIFUL, PALIN - The Republican Embarassment

Palin has more surprises than a box of Cracker Jacks. McCain has gone from isn't she great to lay off! All of a sudden Republicans, the party of Anti-Choice, has become the party of we don't have a choice.

What did they use to vet Palin, a crystal ball?
When you look at the faces of the Republicans who are attempting to defend this woman in the media, they don't even believe what they are saying. Let's face it, she was a last minute token choice after the other women candidates for VP said no thanks!

Obama and Biden are telling the media that "Children are Off Limits." But you can bet that if this same story had come out about Barack Obama's daughter, he would be heading for the door and I don't mean any attached to The Whitehouse.

Palin will stand before the Republican National Convention today, with her family and her daughter's baby daddy in tow, and proclaim to the world that she is ready to succeed old man McCain if necessary. I don't think so.
When Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry announced that his wife's cancer had returned and that he would still run for the Presidency, he was doomed. Americans want to believe that you can handle the workload that comes with helping to lead the free world, without neglecting the needs of your family. I think that we will see the same thing with Palin who is currently under investigation, has a special needs infant child, and is now dealing with a teen daughter who is pregnant.

Many working women and women rights activist will see this as an attempt to degrade a strong, independent woman instead of what it really is; a republican political ploy designed to attract disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters. Hillary Clinton is not just "any woman" and neither is Palin. Palin wants to ban abortion, teach abstinence only, continue oil dependency and basically continue the failed social policies of the Right.

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