Thursday, November 20, 2008


Dubai United Arab Emerits (UAE) is the New York of the Middle East...but wealthier and more extravagant. It has become a hot spot for the rich and famous to include hollywood celebrities and music moguls. The metropolis of the Middle East is taking architechtural design into the 21st century and beyond. And while Dubai certainly has its sites set on designing a futuristic city for the world's rich and famous, it's laws and social policies are as ancient as the Koran.

A July 2008, Huffington Post article stated that police in the Gulf tourist hub of Dubai said that they detained 17 foreign men for allegedly being gay and wearing women's clothing in malls and other public places.

Police spokesman Zuhair Horoun said the men were either visiting or working in Dubai. He says they were detained but would not elaborate.

Dubai's Gulf News reported that police detained "40 cross-dressing tourists." The discrepancy in the numbers couldn't immediately be explained.

The paper quotes Dubai's police chief as saying the arrests are part of a campaign against "transvestites."
Despite Dubai's Western outlook, homosexuality is illegal in the Muslim city-state.

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