Tuesday, January 13, 2009

UK Police Charge 11 for Racist And Homophobic Abuse at Football Game

After police released 16 photographs of Tottenham Hotspur fans from a match against Portsmouth last month, eleven were arrested, five are still being sought, and those arrested were charged today, according to the Guardian:

"The group, which includes two 15-year-olds and a 13-year-old, are alleged to have subjected the former England player to abuse during the club's 2-0 home win against Spurs at Fratton Park in September...A police spokeswoman said of the accused: 'They were charged with indecent chanting at a football match using words which were essentially swearwords. They weren't appropriate to be used at all, especially where there were children and we received a number of complaints.'"

These were the chants:
"He's big, he's black. He takes it up his crack. Sol Campbell, Sol Campbell."
"Sol, Sol, wherever you may be / You're on the verge of lunacy / And we don't give a f**k if you're hanging from a tree / You Judas c**t with HIV."

The Guardian adds: "Campbell, a former Spurs player, was outspoken about the incident, likening the abuse to human rights violations. Speaking on Radio 4's Today programme he said: 'We can all take the booing or light banter, but when it gets to the realms of verbal abuse, it's a bridge too far.' The FA recently announced funding for an anti-homophobia video as part of a campaign to rid football grounds of homophobic abuse."

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