Friday, February 27, 2009

Fitness Over 40 - Why You Should Take It Seriously

Next week I will be heading into the land of men who are 45 and over. The amazing thing for me about this fact is that I feel better than ever! In the gay community, particularly with men, body image is often over emphasized and people tend to have unrealistic views of what their bodies should look like.

However, what I am learning about my body as I age is that, your body can only give you what you give to your body. And feeling great isn't just about looking good, it is about feeling good about the steps that you take each day to stay healthy.

When I first started producing my event Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs, California in 2007, I learned a serious lesson about losing weight the wrong way. During that time, I only had three months to produce Blatino Oasis because of the deal that I had with the resorts. I also realized that I was carrying 200 pounds (about 10lbs more than normal) on my 5' 11" frame and needed to lose weight soon. I went on a crash diet, lost 20 pounds and nearly passed out.

The lesson: The healthy way to lose weight is gradually and over a realistic period of time.

In 2008, I emerged from the holidays with a few more pounds and began to plan a 120 day- 15 to 20 pound weight loss program. It included cutting out certain types of food, getting more fiber into my diet, and working out at least 5 days per week.

According to a New England Journal of Medicine study, people over 40 years of age must maintain average daily calorie consumption under 2,000…while maximizing the consumption of naturally high fiber food: FRUITS, VEGETABLES, NUTS AND WHOLE GRAINS. The lesson, researchers say, is that people lose weight if they lower calories.

The report goes on to state that "the more fiber one eats daily (up to about 50 grams, or 1.8 ounces), the more weight he or she is likely to lose."

Researchers believe that because fiber—which is found in veggies, fruit and whole grains—creates the sensation of fullness after eating by activating stretch receptors, nerve cells that are probably part of the group of signals sending the “I am full” message to the brain, in the digestive tract; it also slows digestion, extending the time that nutrients are dribbling into the blood stream from the intestine, which may lead to feelings of satiety.

The average person over 40 who refuses to start a regular workout program or give up the eating habits of their youth, will probably face many health related challenges in the future.
We all know that even healthy people develop health problems, but the stonger and healthier your body is, the more likely your body will more effectively fight challenges to your health, increasing chances of a healthy recovery.

As I prepare for another year at Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs, I am always reminded that my journey is not just a superficial one, but one that reminds me that a sexy and healthy body is not just for young people, it is for anyone who seeks to have one.....take the journey to a healthier you.



Freeleo said...

Thank you for this reminder Joe. It is inspirational.

Ray N Detroit said...

Wow, Joe your post was right on time. I just turned 43 and was close to tears as I look in the mirror after watching videos of myself from a Pride 5 years ago. Your advice is priceless, as I considered a quick weight loss plan before summer. Thanks for the tip, I'll use your picture for motivation!