Monday, March 30, 2009

Eddie Diaz Blatino Erotica Honoree Best Porn Star 2009

Blatino Erotica Awards Palm Springs California
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Bruh L said...

Eddie is a hot mofo. I used to
really be into him, until I saw BlackBalled 6. I had really been anticipating it, since I had enjoyed BB5 so much, and BB6 was to have some sexy newer faces in the mix. Well,
after getting BB6, it was sort of
a letdown. Eddie, was doing sooo
much fucking spitting on everyone,
that it actually took away from the hotness quotient to me, not to mention that some of the others started spitting on one another. WTF is sexy/hot about being spat on? Somebody please enlighten me!
I suspect that was that fat assed Chi Chi Larue directing them all to do that. I guess Spitting, is the new "Black" now. I've never seen Eddie in quite the same light since. I could be wrong, but I just don't think we Brothaz are as into "that", so Chi Chi can save that bullshit for when he's directing features with his regular White boiz.