Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New book alleges Hawkins brothers are homosexual

A christian organization that describes itself as follows: "Gay Christian Movement Watch (GCMW) is a cutting edge Christian ministry whose mission is to monitor, analyze and publish (MAP) the activities, leaders and public theological positions of the gay christian movement,” is reporting that a new book written by gay author E. Patrick Johnson, a professor at Northwestern University in Evanston,IL contains a rather overt assertion that gospel music industry worker Walter Hawkins and his brother Edwin are homosexuals.

The Hawkins brothers are gospel music industry “icons” and leaders of the Music and Arts conference. But they are also in Johnson’s book Sweet Tea . The book uses an “oral history” format to tell the stories of homosexual men in the south. The author contends these stories needed to be “documented.”
One of the interviewees describes meeting Bishop Walter Hawkins and brother Edwin and the late Rev. James Cleveland; click here for excerpt.

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