Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will Smith Set To Play Egyptian Pharaoh

Hollywood has always portrayed the Pharaohs of the African nation of Egypt as white, even though history clearly tells a different story.

Finally a more accurate representation of an Egyptian Pharaoh will be presented on the big screen. Academy-nominated actor and box office powerhouse Will Smith is gearing up for his latest role in the upcoming drama The Last Pharaoh.

Taharqa was a Nubian pharaoh who ruled over Egypt from 690BC to 664 BC, along the way repelling Assyrian invaders and stopped an army from destroying Jerusalem and therefore helped to shape the Western world.

Some say that the title of the film should have been ‘when Ethiopians ran Egypt.’ The 25th Dynsaty (751 - 525 BCE) was an Ethiopian Dynasty, a Dynasty that ruled both Egypt and Nubia, which was also called Ethiopia. The name Ethiopia in the ancient times refers to territories south of ancient Egypt.

This film will help to frame the field of global African and Ethiopian Studies. In addition to the ancient history of Ethiopia (Meroitica and Aksumita Ethiopia), which has a rich intellectual history of Ethiopianism and Neo-Ethiopianism (Rastafrianism) in the African Diaspora, South Africa, West Africa, and the Caribbean and helps us recognize the fact that the ’stretched hands of Ethiopia’ is a global phenomena.

The movie will focus on Taharqa's battle with the Assyrian leader, Esarheddon, and promises to be truly epic.
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