Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SF Pink Triangle Fire An Arson, Investigators Say


(6/29/2009) San Francisco fire officials said Monday that the weekend burning of "The Pink Triangle," a large fabric triangle, spread on the Twin Peaks hillside during the city's gay pride celebration each year, was arson.
"Officially it is an intentionally set fire," said fire department spokeswoman Lt. Mindy Talmadge."There is an active criminal investigation," she added, but said no arrests had been made as of Monday evening.

Talmadge declined to indicate how the fire was believed to have been set, citing the ongoing investigation.The early Sunday morning fire was reported around 5 a.m. near Christmas Tree Point Road.It burned about 25 to 30 feet of the massive Pink Triangle before being extinguished about a half-hour later.

The triangle, which has been displayed during the Pride Parade in San Francisco each year since 1995, pays tribute to the gay victims of the Holocaust and others who have suffered discrimination.

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