Thursday, July 16, 2009

Republican Racist Attacks on Obama's Continue

Racism is alive and well in the far right of the Republican Party.
A public attack on children is never right, no matter your disagreement with their parents. This goes for the Palin family as well as the Obama. (Also see racist republican facebook posting)

Do all white families know or care how much pain this kind of racism causes children, and how much anguish their parents feel for their young ones? Do they care?

This is from to Leonora Epstein in theThe Frisky: "But it would seem that Malia’s wardrobe choice wasn’t so informed so much by style, but rather political agenda, because the 11-year-old wore a peace sign shirt on two different occasions. (Props for fearlessly repeating styles.)
Unfortunately, some saw Malia’s shirt as an opportunity to vent hate, and in some cases, extreme racism.

After the photo was posted on a conservative blog called “Free Republic,” commenters went wild: “A typical street whore.” “A bunch of ghetto thugs.” “Ghetto street trash.” “Wonder when she will get her first abortion.” These hateful accusations appear to be the completely random, wild rantings of people with some serious amounts of pent-up rage. "

What is going on in the mind of someone to read all of that into what an eleven year old girl chooses to wear. She is an American girl, she has the right to wear whatever she wants. The implosion of the Republican party is increasing at a disarming rate.

Apparently the sign before the hippies took it over was the sign for nuclear disarmament. And, who would be for that? If you believe them an eleven year old has no business advocating such things. She is not even supposed to know about such things at her age. Shame on Malia for being so smart. Wonder if she gets it from her father.

The horrible reality is so many feel comfortable venting sheer hatred against "colored" people no matter what their age or status. I suppose you could call that some sort of equality. But, not one that any sane person would want.


christopher said...

I appreciate any youth of any color who wants to promote peace- Joe, you're bold and I love you for it- this cup of Joe was strong but definitely on point- Ignorance is only bliss if we allow it to move without checking it! it is shameful that in this day and age of endless knowledge that such bigotry and hatred exist on any level but as you said; towards a child. some people need therapy... or a lobotmy- seems they would be happier just drooling.

Louis said...

Honestly, is any one out there truly surprised at those manner of comments on a "conservative" website? It is naive to assume that racism, sexism, any "isms" will simply go away with the election of a non-white president. Racists have children just as everyone else. All people pass on their beliefs to their offspring. The internet simply allows these people to spew their feelings and beliefs in the safe anonymity of cyberspace.