Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oprah's $1 trillion lawsuit dismissed

Oprah Winfrey has fired back at reports an author is suing her for plagiarism, insisting she only found out about the $1 trillion lawsuit after a judge dismissed it.

A U.S. tabloid last week (ends07Aug09) alleged the TV mogul was being sued by author Damon Lloyd Goffe, who claimed her internet-published work Pieces of My Soul copied his book A Tome of Poetry.

The National Enquirer claimed to have access to the lawsuit Goffe filed at the District of Columbia Court on 31 July (09), in which he alleged Winfrey admitted to the alleged plagiarism.

The talk show host was left stunned by the claims. Her spokesperson tells WENN, "We were never served with this lawsuit, but we've been informed that the judge dismissed it."

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