Sunday, October 14, 2007


I love and miss Grace Jones.

Slave To The Rhythm is Flawless!

Some famous lyrics of hers are:

From Slave To The Rhythm -
"I have opened myself now finally and accepted that this is all of me. And all these sides make up what I am and either I live with it or I don't live with it, whether I like it or not."

From Pull Up To My Bumper -
"Pull up to my bumper baby, in your long black limousine. Pull up to my bumper baby, drive it in between."

From Private Life -

"Feeling like a woman...Looking like a man."

Of the artist on the scene today, who do you think is most like her?

Video: I've Seen That Face Before

Video: Grace Jones with Luciano Pavarotti

Phenomenal performance and background vocal by Grace Jones in VAMP

Strange...It Stinks So Good

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