Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tim 'M West - Artist Blakk Boy Blues and Flirting

I have known Tim 'm for many years and although he is on the road a lot and relocates every 5 years (he is now in Atlanta), I try to stay connected to him.

He is a beautiful man inside and out and I remember when I was first introduced to him, we conversed about many things and after I listened to him for awhile, my impression of him then as it is now, is that he is brilliant.

We recently had the honor of hosting his West Coast CD release party during the Oakland International Black LGBT Film Festival (2007) for his new album Blakk Boy Blue(s). I love the album and really enjoyed watching Tim 'm perform. He has become so comfortable in his skin and in his artistry. He also has released a new memoir expressed mostly through poetry called "Flirting."

Tim'm T. West is an artist who is redefining what most have come to know as a Renaissance man. Working for social change through his vast body of scholarly work, journalism, literary and performance art, West moves us boldly into the 21st century by finding ways to connect his own personal challenges and triumphs to a more universal experience.
Black, queer, feminist, poz, and working class, Tim'm T. West has embraced all of who he is and, with laser-beam precision, harnessed the power of his truth to illuminate, celebrate, inspire, provoke, and bear witness. Through his website RED DIRT. BIZ he desribes himself as a teacher, performance artist, author, and culture producer, Tim'm has become an exemplar among contemporary Renaissance personalities of the early 21st Century as he brings others to voice through education for critical consciousness. Indeed, that Tim'm has been interviewed by such dizzying array of media outlets from Newsweek to the New York Times is a testament to his importance to the spirit and history of the times as a foundational maverick among black, multi-disciplinary artist.

I love you man and I will be in touch soon.


Below, see my interviews with him from Keeping It Real Online TV.

Me and Tim 'm on the streets of San Francisco (2006).

Tim 'm performing at the 2007 Oakland International Black LGBT Film Festival.

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