Monday, October 8, 2007

I Love California! & The Nude Beaches

For those who don't know California, I live in Northern California in Oakland (a.k.a The Bay Area) which is about 15 minutes from San Francisco or a bridge away. I love living in California and plan to live here until I am dead and buried. Mark and I love going to the Ocean which is very close, but we really enjoy our favorite beach San Gregorio, which is mostly a gay nude beach about a 45 minute to an hour drive away from Oakland in Half Moon Bay along Highway 1. If you ever get out this way, you have to check it out.
A visit to San Gregorio combines history with recreation. Approaching its 40th anniversary, clothing optional, privately run San Gregorio is America's oldest nude beach. Amazingly, it was founded in 1967, right next door to San Gregorio State Beach, where nudity is not allowed. The huge property attracts some nude and suited straight couples, singles, and families. It's a really romantic spot. But make no mistake, San Gregorio has, over the years, become mostly a gay hangout and pickup spot. Want to give it a try? First-timers are sometimes a bit put off by the driftwood structures on the sandy slope leading down to the beach, which are used by some visitors as "sex condos." Others relish San Gregorio's scenery. It has awesome natural beauty. There are two miles of soft sand and tide pools to explore, as well as a lagoon, lava tube, and, if you look closely enough on the cliffs, the remains of an old railroad.

For more on Northern California's nude beaches visit The San Francisco Bay Guardian.

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