Monday, October 8, 2007

DL Chronicles on HERE TV

Quincy LeNear & Deondray Gossett, I love these guys. They are the intelligent, gorgeous, sexy and fun dynamic duo and creators of the DL Chronicles series now on Here TV. A phenomenal couple with a penchant for writing and directing films.

Quincy is not only smart and beautiful, he is also a hot ball of fire...I have to whoop dat ass every now and then but, he comes around eventually (Lol..Think I'm jokin?'...I don't think so).
Deondre (with his sexy self) just oozes a laid back, cool kind of sensuous sexuality. Both of them have a wonderful sense of humor and I am honored to know them.

When I first sought these two out about three years ago, it was their work on their first episode of the DL Chronicles Episode Wes that totally got my attention. I brought them to Oakland and we have hit it off ever since.

They are now on Here TV and I hope everyone will subscribe to HERE to see the DL Chronicles series.

I have included some of my interviews with the directors and the actors below from

These guys have found a way to take the much hyped, often misunderstood and demonized use of the term " The DL" and make into a series that is smart, interesting and fresh. You are going to love this unique series. You won't find it anywere else on television. But like anything, if we don't support it, it will slowly fade away.

I have jokingly referred to these two as my "fake nephews" but they are so hot it kinda feels a little incestuous so I am gonna have to emphasize the word "fake" from now on.

Continued success you guys.


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