Monday, October 22, 2007

Joe Elected To Oakland Board Of Rainbow Chamber Of Commerce

Well, in addition to the many things Ron, my "Real Talk" show director had me doing this past weekend, which were all wonderful, I am honored to announce that tonight (Monday), I have been elected to the Board of Directors of the Oakland Rainbow Chamber of Commerce & Labor.
Rehba Haynes and Sean Sullivan were also elected to the board as well. Congratulations!

The chamber is made up of a mutli-ethinc mix of primarily LGBT businesses representing realistate, nightclubs, independent contractors, etc. in Oakland as well as corporate representatives from Clear Channel Communications, AAA, Merrill Lynch and others and some non-profits.

Established by board members Peggy Moore and Ed Hartnett, the purpose of the chamber is to promote commerce and industry, to advance economic growth, create employment opportunities and enhance the quality of life of LGBT people in the city of Oakland.

I will be writing more about the chamber in the coming weeks and encourage other LGBT business owners to get involved in the economic expansion currently taking place in the city of Oakland by joining us.


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Congratulations Joe!!!

Sean said...

Congrats Joe!I look forward to serving with you to lift up awareness of our community's contributions