Saturday, October 13, 2007

KARAMO - Crazy, Sexy, Cool

I first met former MTV reality TV celebrity Karamo when I interviewed him and "Pumpkin" for Keeping It Real Online TV in late 2005 during the "Reality Check Weekend" in Oakland California. Karamo is a handsome, sweet, sexy, fun, talented, community minded and ambitious young brutha.

Since that interview, we have done AIDS related work together and he also hosted the Blatino Erotica Awards for us in Palm Springs California this year (2007).

See my interview (2005) with him below and I am also including a clip of Karamo chillin' and being interviewed by Pink Mafia and Karamo interviewing stripper "Redickulous" during Blatino Oasis 2007 in Palm Springs California this year. This clip also includes nudity (not Karamo) so be forewarned.
Thanks Stephen of Pink Mafia Blogspot.

I hope all is well Karamo and I will be in touch soon!
Much love.


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